Amazon Prime Original’s To Cure Your Boredom During Lockdown

I am back again with another list. This time, I will be focusing on Amazon Prime originals to try and cure you of some of those lockdown blues!


Holy shit, this series is off to such a weird and wonderful start. Tales From the Loop is a brand new sci-fi series that focuses on the residents of a small American working-class town who mostly work at an underground centre known locally as “the loop”.

Although this is clearly set sometime in the future, everything and everyone looks like they’ve been caught in some sort of 80’s timeloop…who knows, this could very well be the case but I am not there yet.

Robots patrol the town and are a part of the everyday workforce but apart from that, the clothing, the cars, they all look very 80’s and believe it or not, this is a combination that works beautifully.


The way World War 2 ended was a lie, most of the Nazis were able to escape. Not only did these war criminals escape, but they have been given new identities and powerful jobs working for the US government.

In this Amazon Prime original, a group of Nazi hunters led by Al Pacino dedicate their lives to hunting down and bringing Nazi war criminals to justice…or killing them…mainly killing them. 


If the next name I am about to write doesn’t mean anything to you then you may want to give this one a miss.

Sion Sono – One of Japan’s leading names in obscurity is back with quite the colourful vampire tale.

This Amazon Prime Original was brought to us by Sion Sono and if you like your series’ bloody, colourful with a whole load of wtf?! then, my friends, this is most certainly for you.

A young girl reaches a certain age and then find herself in the centre of an ancient, evil ongoing battle between two vampire clans.

Tokyo Vampire Hotel was also meant to be a feature-length film. The finished cut was a 2 and a half-hour feature that was shown to Western festivals


This Amazon Original series looks at a completely changed USA after World War 2. The history we know and were taught have been lies. Nazi Germany won the world war America is the new Nazi Germany…actually not that far away from the truth

A group of resistance fighters try to take down and end the Nazi rule. This series is a little bit slow, to begin with, but the main plot of the story “where we would be now if the Nazi’s won the war?” is such an amazingly dark storyline.


This is a relatively new Amazon Original series that enters the viewer into surreal Black Mirror territory with some guaranteed laughs along the way.

Created by Greg Daniels (U.S Office) and set in the year 2033, Upload is about a company that lets you upload a loved one that’s near death. They are uploaded to a virtual hotel which is run by 6 large companies.

A girl called Nora uploads her party-loving boyfriend to the luxurious Lakeshore Digital Afterlife after his self-driving car crashes.


If you have somehow been trapped under a rock for the last year, then just maybe, you haven’t heard of The Boys yet…and lucky you if you haven’t.

Season 2 can’t be that far away, so there is no better time to introduce yourself to or rewatch The Boys.

A group of superhero silencers led by Billy the Butcher are put together to take down a group of superheroes known as The Seven. These superheroes spend their days protecting us humans from harm but when the cameras aren’t looking these bunch of superhero fucks’ are getting up to no good.

Based on a series of graphic novels by Preacher creator Garth Ennis.

This pretty much what would happen if superheroes were real, and Marvel was bought by huge cooperation like, let’s say, Disney…oh wait!


A brand new Manga…or is it Anime? I can’t tell these days. but Amazon sure does have a lot of them streaming right now.

Anyways, I am sure that you are aware that the great Takeshi Miike released his live-adaptation of Blade Of The Immortal back in 2017

An immortal samurai called Manji helps a young girl track down and kill a group of swordsmen that killed her parents

Okay, folks, that’s it for this list. Make sure to check back for more awesome content soon.

As always, thanks for reading

Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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