5 New Indonesian Horrors You May Want To Check Out

I am sure you’re aware that a handful of filmmakers from Indonesia have been dominating the Asian horror horror scene. Films like The Queen Of Black Magic, May The Devil Take You and Satan’s Slaves have proven time and time again that Indonesia can do horror just as good as anyone else…if not, better.

Below you’ll find a list of new Indonesian horrors that hopefully you don’t know about and I am delighted to say that a lot of these are from directors and writers that I am unaware of. A lot of these are possession horror which seems to be the go-to sub-genre for Indonesian horror. As much of a fan of possession horror (if done right), I would like to start seeing some werewolves, vampires or zombies. How about you? These titles below are that fresh and new, they don’t even have their English-language title yet


A young girl called Sri is tasked with completing a lengthy ritual. There are strict rules to follow, if any If those rules are broken, all Hell will break loose.

The new horror from Kimo Stamboel, one-half of the insanely talented Mo Bros. Another horror film that looks to be steeped in Indonesian tradition and folklore.

Sew Dino is available for streaming on Amazon Prime (UK/Ireland)


A new possession horror follows a group of students who start to get possessed by demonic forces that only possess the higher achieving students.

The reviews have been just ok for this one. It does sound like a really cool concept and a nice spin on the possession sub-genre.


A child is possessed throwing her family into demonic chaos as they try to eradicate the demon inside of her.

The reviews I have read for this one have been so-so. I am not sure if this one will be for me but I will give it a shot anyway.

Lots of practical effects that would make Sam Raimi proud. Apparently, there is also some humour in here. I am not sure if the humour is intentional or not.

A remake of a 1980s film of the same name.


A new religious-themed horror. It seems to be aimed at young Muslim kids who don’t follow the basic rules of Islam and what happens to them when those rules are broken. Regardless of its religious theme, this one still looks super creepy.

A story of evil that escalates when a kid leaves his house at night. In Muslim tradition, you are forbidden to leave your house at night (maybe just as a kid?) to go anywhere unless it is to a mosque for prayer.

I am not a religious person at all but do you wanna know something? I have sat and watched countless movies about Jesus and the Devil and how Satan can possess and destroy our young ones. Every god, all 3000 or so of them has their folklore and stories. I am more than up for some Muslim-themed horror to shake things up a bit.


A young boy with a dark past escapes his small village every day and heads to the city. One night, a friend of his visits and is suffering from a strange sickness. He then finds out that this sickness is caused by a dead friend who died in the village where he lives.

That’s it for this list of new Indonesian Horrors. I hope you have added the above titles to your neverending watchlist of films. As always, thanks for reading.


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