New French Horror Films 2023/24

A list of newly released or upcoming French horror films

Serial killers, creature features, killer spiders, people turning into random animals and vampires. We have some great stuff coming from France this year and next. Some of these films have been featured in some previous Movierhooker lists but I thought I would get all of the new French language horror films into a list for you all. Enjoy.


This new cave-dwelling creature feature would be for fans of The Descent, Bunker 41 or As Above, so Below. I have also heard that the plot reminds you of H.P Lovecraft’s, The Mummy

A group of miners and an archaeologist are trapped underground by a landslide. With very little air and no way out they must now also battle an ancient bloodthirsty creature that they have accidentally awakened


Described as Attack the Block…only with spiders. Infestation follows a group of people who are trapped in an apartment complex that’s overrun by highly venomous spiders that have rapidly multiplied after escaping from their owner who illegally brought the spider into the country

If you are not a fan of spiders then I would be giving this one a miss. The reviews have been great and it is already being described as the best arachnid-type film since Arachnophobia. The poster is truly the stuff of nightmares.


A newly changed vampire is having some problems with her first kill: she feels guilty and does not want to hurt anyone. She then finds a willing young man who is so depressed he is more than happy for her to take his life.

A great concept for a horror/comedy with one of the best movie titles ever. Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person is currently on the festival circuit. Follow Moviehooker socials for constant updates on all releases.


Probably more of a sci-fi than a horror movie but the plot sounds very interesting. It was featured on another recent Moviehooker list and stars the great Romain Duris.

A father and son must find their way in a new world where some humans have started to mutate into different animals.


This one has been around for a while now and should be easy enough to find. Another one that got featured in a Moviehooker list.

The Beasts sounds like a proper Human Horror, a slow burn, home invasion, dark drama that explodes into full-blown violence. The plot would remind you of the Dustin Hoffman shocker Straw Dogs.

A family who move into a new rural house in the countryside are terrorised by a group of crazy locals who don’t take too kindly to new residents.


A cop in the midst of investigating a string of mysterious murders is left a bowling alley from an inheritance. With his mind already occupied with the brutal killings, he passes the responsibility onto his drug-addicted, younger brother.

For fans of arthouse cinema with a handful of cast members. A lot of this movie is set in one location: the bowling alley. I can confirm there is some extremity in here somewhere. All of this is drenched in a beautiful Refn-like palette. Sounds great to me.


A new Belgian serial killer movie that follows the daughter and son of a serial killer who have been living in their father’s dark shady shadow. Unable to escape their father’s horrible past they start to follow in his footsteps and continue his reign of slaughter.

A grim experience and should be approached with caution.

That’s it for this list. As always, thanks for reading


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