Deliver Us From Evil: Hitmen, Psycho killers and Organ Harvesters in new(ish) action movie

Deliver Us From Evil South Korean film review Moviehooker

From writer/director Hong Won-Chan, writer of South Korean classics, The Chaser and The Yellow Sea, comes action movie Deliver Us From Evil When a Korean hitman called In-nam is ordered to go to Japan to take down an evil Yakuza boss notorious for killing women, he underestimates the violent backlash that faces him. What In-nam … Read more

Message Man review: Retired hitman takes on Indonesian pirates


John Wick meets The Raid!! Message Man gives us some ultra-violent action when a hitman comes out of retirement to take down a gang of nasty pirates Ok, so we have heard a similar plot in nearly every hitman movie out there: a retired badass has given up the life of murder-for-money and now lives … Read more

Yakuza Princess review: Every Sword Has A Story

Yakuza Princess takes Yakuza and katana action to the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil. YAKUZA PRINCESS follows Akemi (MASUMI), an orphan from Japan now living in Brazil who receives the shocking news that she is the heir to a yakuza family. But this news also brings great danger as a rival yakuza gang are now … Read more

Dune, Last Night In Soho & More. Here are our top picks from Venice Film Festival 2021

Venice Film Festival 2021

Venice Film Festival is almost here so we decided to write a new list of what greatness is coming our way. We hope you enjoy it. Venice Film Festival returns for its 78th edition, running from September 1-11. This year, the film festival will showcase movies from 59 countries…here are our favourites. DUNE It seems … Read more

We Have A Trailer For New South Korean Series HELLBOUND

Hellbound teaser trailer moviehooker news

We are delighted to be able to share with you the trailer for upcoming Netflix horror/fantasy series Hellbound The new Netflix series is co-written and directed by Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-Ho. If that ain’t good enough, we have a fantastic South Korean cast with Yoo Ah In (#Alive), Park Jung Min (Deliver Us … Read more

Upcoming K Dramas – 5 New Series’ that all sound amazing.

Upcoming K drama List 2021

In this new list of upcoming K Drama, we have horror, fantasy and action. And yup, we got another Korean zombie series on the way. Yay for the zombies! But that’s not all the horror we have for you. How about a new Netflix series from Train to Busan director Sang-ho Yeon? yes? well, then … Read more

Info on the new Predator movie (Skull)

New Predator Movie News

It has been a long time coming but it looks like we finally have some news on the new Predator movie and, well, it certainly sounds promising. There were some rumours floating about that the new Predator movie will be called “Skull”. It looks like that this is the working title only. It is still … Read more

New South Korean TV Shows That You’ll Want To Know About Part 1

Taxi Driver Sout Korean Series Moviehooker Seres List

We are back with another list. This time focusing on new(ish) South Korean tv shows! I have only seen a few of these..but trust me, the ones I haven’t seen are going to be so good. Netflix has been killing lately with South Korean content, both with movies and tv series. So, for the ones … Read more

South Korean Revenge Movies From the last 10 years

South Kprean REvenge Movies

We are back with another list. This time we will be focusing on South Korean Revenge Movies that have been released in the last 10-years. We have said it before, when it comes to the revenge sub-genre, no one can quite hit the mark like South Korea. I have tried to keep the details down … Read more

Gareth Evans’ Havoc Assembles Phenomenal All-Star Cast


Gareth Evans, the director/writer behind The Raid movies has just added more greatness if that could be possible to his new feature HAVOC Evans recently took to Instagram to share more casting news on his next film, Havoc which will be released worldwide by streaming giants Netflix. So, here’s the cast…are you all ready for … Read more

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