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Trailer added for new Taylor Sheridan movie – those who wish me dead

The trailer has just landed for the upcoming Taylor Sheridan film, Those Who Wish Me Dead

Those Who Wish Me Dead stars Angelina JolieJon BernthalNicholas Hoult, Aiden Gillen, Finn Little, Tyler Perry and Jake Weber.

Those Who Wish Me Dead is set in the Montana wilderness and features a survival expert. We had a similar setting in the fantastic Jeremy Reiner starring thriller Wind River.

The story of a teenage boy who witnesses a murder. He is pursued by two assassins in a large forest with a forest fire rapidly spreading and closing in fast. His only chance of making it out alive rests with a survival expert.

Taylor Sheridan is also back in the director’s chair for Those Who Wish Me Dead. The film is written by Sheridan, Michael Koryta & Charles Leavitt. It is based on a novel of the same name by Michael Koryta.

Sheridan has been one of my fave writers in Hollywood for the last ten years. I have enjoyed every film that he has been a part of; Wind River, Sicario and Sicario: The Day Of The Soldado were all really impressive thrillers. And as we previously saw in Hell or High Water, the man can direct just as good as he writes.

Taylor Sheridan also co-wrote the upcoming Michael B Jordan revenge thriller Without Remorse alongside Will Staples. Without Remorse is due to be released on Amazon Prime on the 30th of April and is based on a story by Tom Clancy.

Those Who Wish Me Dead Trailer

I am looking forward to seeing Angelina Jolie in this sort of role. It seems she has been out of the game for a long time. I am glad she is back and I am sure she’s gonna be great under the direction of Sheridan.

Those Who Wish Me Dead is due for release on the 14th of May and will be released by HBOMax

I hope you enjoy the film when it is released. Make sure to check back soon for more movie news, reviews and movie & TV recommendations.

As always, thanks for reading.

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Unhinged review: Russell CROWE CHANNELS IN INNER ANGRY JOHN GOODMAN for a modern-day falling down

The reviews for Unhinged have been out for a while and the majority of them have been really solid. So, I finally had the chance to rent it and I have to agree: it is pretty damn good.

Is it as brutal as what people say it is? well, that would all depend on how you would define “brutal”. For me, it wasn’t at all but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it – Unhinged is our modern-day Falling Down.

What’s It About?

Unhinged is primarily about two people having a very shit day. Russell Crowe is seen at the start of the movie attacking two people then torching the house. We don’t know who these people are but the one thing we do know is that Russell Crowe looks like a man on the verge of a severely dangerous psychotic breakdown. And guess what?…the credits haven’t even started to roll yet.

We then meet a struggling mother who awakens to find out some horrible legal news. On her way to school to drop off her kid, she ends up caught in traffic, her day just can’t get any worse…nope, that’s a lie. It is about to get a hell of a lot worse. She aggressively beeps at a pick-up truck that stalled when the lights turned green. That was her first mistake. The pick-up then drives up beside her and an angry Russell Crowe rolls down the window asks for an apology. She refuses. That was her second mistake. There and then, whatever little thread of sanity Russell Crowe had left melts away leaving nothing but rage and resentment. He then makes it his life purpose to destroy hers.

Unhinged reminded me so much of Falling Down. We have a similar premise where a seemingly normal man snaps and goes to war with the modern world. Only in Unhinged, the anger is targeted at a specific person but in true action movie fashion: a lot of people get caught in the crosshairs.

It was a hugely entertaining mainstream flick. Is it realistic? absolutely not but it is worth it to see Russell Crowe stomp about like an angry John Goodman. Everything else, turn off your mind and enjoy.

As always, thanks for reading.

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Ghost of Tsushima movie in the works

A movie adaptation of the best-selling video game Ghost of Tsushima has just been announced.

Firstly, have you played Ghost of Tsushima? I got completely hooked on it. The beautiful samurai-era Japan, galloping your horse through endless beautiful blossom trees. I said this recently on a social media post that “Ghost of Tsushima is so damn gorgeous to look at, you forget you have to behead and destroy the Mongolian army”.

As a fan of samurai movies, I was more than delighted to see that I could play the game in the Japanese language with English subtitles. There is also an option to play the game in black and white. You 100% feel like you’ve become an old-school samurai warrior from an Akira Kurosawa movie. It seems like the creators were huge samurai movies fans and Ghost of Tsushima was their love letter to the genre. The creators of the game were also recently appointed official tour guides of Tsushima Island in Japan.

John Wick director Chad Stahelski has been attached to direct

There’s no doubt Stahelski can do epic violence – we have seen it in the John Wick movies, but I am a little worried. I will still watch the fuck out of it but with Stahelski involved, will Hollywood big execs be involved too?. How authentic will it be? how many Asian and Mongolian actors will be hired for the roles? I hope I am wrong because it really deserves the authenticity that the game got so brilliantly right.

As much as I love Keanu Reeves or any other ass-kicking action star, the last thing I wanna hear is “Keanu Reeves cast as Jin”.

Only time will tell!. As soon as we hear more news I will make sure to update the article. As always, thanks for reading.

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Netflix to adapt Keanu Reeves’ ultra-violent comic BRZRKR into movie & animated series

Keanu Reeves will star in adaptations of HIS OWN new ultra-violent comic BRZRKR

Keanu Reeves has ventured into something completely new and unexpected. He has just made his writing debut with a new ultra-violent graphic novel called BRZRKR. A new 12-part series written by Keanu Reeves with New York Times bestselling co-writer Matt Kindt (Folklords, Bang!) & artist Ron Garney (Wolverine, Captain America).

Netflix did not take long to snatch up the rights to adapt BRZRKR. Keanu just cooked up a franchise and Netflix smelt what was cooking.

The first issue is was just released at the start of the month 03/03/21 by Boom Studios!.

Check out the amazing cover art for Issue 1


BRZRKR” is a brutally epic saga about an immortal warrior’s 80,000-year fight through the ages. The man known only as “B” is half-mortal and half-god, cursed and compelled to violence, even at the sacrifice of his sanity. But after wandering the earth for centuries, B may have finally found a refuge — working for the U.S. government to fight the battles too violent and too dangerous for anyone else. In exchange, B will be granted the one thing he desires — the truth about his endless blood-soaked existence, and how to end it. 

The Wrap

That sounds so damn good!

We all know it, don’t we? – there is no better hardcore violence than what we see in graphic novels. They know no boundaries, they can go anywhere, right to the ultimate extreme, they can do anything. Those boundaries usually come with a screen adaptation where they would tone down the content to supposedly suit the viewer “cough cough” @Preacher. With streaming services like Netflix, or Prime, we are getting to see a more truthful version of graphic novel adaptations.

We also have another ultra-violent adaptation hitting Netflix next month called Homunculus. It is based on a Manga by Ichi the Killer creator Hideo Yamamoto & described as “extreme psychological horror”. What I am trying to say is that Netflix doesn’t care about certification or ratings – they care about viewers. Violence has more than proven to bring in the numbers. People like to see carnage, death and destruction. It’s pretty simple: violence sells. Netflix knows this & will be doing the same with BRZRKR. I can not wait to see the insanity that’s in store.

As always, thanks for reading.

Words by GG
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TV Shows You May Have Missed – Part 2

As promised, we are back with a list of 4 tv shows that you may have missed. We hope you enjoy it. For Part 1 – CLICK HERE


TV Shows You Might Have Missed Part 2- Informer

Starring Paddy Considine, Nabhaan RizwanBel Powley. Informer focuses on Raza, a Londoner whose family is from Pakistan. After a night out with some mind-altering substances, Raza finds himself in a cell and done for possession with intent to supply. He was caught with only 4 ecstasy tablets which were for personal use. But the cops see an opportunity to turn him into an informer that must report terrorist activity.

Instead of facing a sentence, Raza agrees to be an informer for the police which puts himself and his entire family in grave danger.

As a big fan of Paddy Considine, I think Informer is his angriest and best role since playing Richard in Shane Meadows’ Dead Man’s Shoes. It was great to see him unleash the beast again!


Another British series. Capture focuses on a soldier called Shaun. After facing trial for the murder of an Afghan rebel while on duty, Shaun is let off the hook due to poor evidence.

On his first night back, something happens to Shaun that changes his life forever. He insists on his innocence but all evidence is showing nothing but guilt.

Capture was a superbly acted and written series. Sometimes seeing what our future can bring can be scarier than any written fiction


TV Show You Might Missed Part 2 – Future Man

OK, I will say that Future Man won’t be for everyone. I have tried it before and couldn’t get into it. I am glad I gave it another chance, it is really quite enjoyable and clever.

A gamer is recruited by two bounty hunters from another planet to help stop an apocalypse by aliens known as Biotics. If you can imagine a character like Jobe from Arrested Development then you wouldn’t be too far away from, Wolf, one of the bounty hunters.

Some really great hilarious moments in this. There is a bit of cringe humour too but in my opinion, the good outweighs the bad.

In a way, it sort of reminded me of, Community. Even though Community wasn’t always that funny, there were so much hidden Easter-eggs for a movie lover. Whoever wrote it knows their movies and they test your knowledge too and I found all of that a joy to watch.

Mr Inbetween

TV Shows You Might Have Missed Part 2 – Mr Inbetween

Mr Inbetween focuses on the day-to-day shenanigans of Ray. Part-time father, full-time hitman.

Based on the movie The Magician after a series adaptation of Scott Ryan’s film was picked up by FX. This series has everything. It is gritty, violent, heartfelt, charming and deliciously morbid.

Directed by Nash Edgerton (bro of Joel). It is written and stars Scott Ryan as Ray, the loveable, yet terrifying hitman. All that dude gotta do is smile and he can send chills down your spine. Fantastic acting and a fantastic character.

The only complaints I have about this series is that season one has only 6 episodes and each episode has a runtime of just over 20-minutes. Season 2 consists of 11-episodes which is way better but we still have the 20-minute run-time. THERE IS JUST NOT ENOUGH!

The Magician is quoted as “Chopper meets Leon” and I think that’s a great comparison. Mr Inbetween is up there with the best

That's it for this list. I hope there something in here for you to enjoy and binge-watch. As always, thanks for reading.
Article by GG
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Fukushima 50 – the heroic real-life story of the ultimate scarifice

When it comes to disaster movies, no one can quite do it like Asia. We have had some fantastic releases including, Pandora, The Tunnel, The Tower and Earthquake. The thing is, unlike Hollywood productions with L.A crumbling, and The Rock hanging from helicopters trying to save his family, Asian disaster movies are based on real events. Fukushima 50 is based on the most terrifying event of them all: biblical-scale earthquakes leading to a meltdown putting the whole of Japan and the rest of the world at risk of a nuclear catastrophe worse than Chernobyl. This film follows the heroic actions of the ones that sacrificed their lives to prevent Fukushima from further devastation and reaching a global scale.


Japan’s Tohoku Region: at a magnitude of 9.0, the strongest earthquake in the country’s history strikes, triggering a huge tsunami and carnage that would end up killing thousands of people and displacing many more. It mercilessly engulfs the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture, causing a crippling station blackout. Unable to be cooled, the nuclear reactors quickly turn into hydrogen bombs at the brink of explosion. If the power plant is abandoned, Japan’s destruction is assured. Facing a life or death situation, the power plant workers known as the “Fukushima 50”, including shift supervisor Izaki and plant manager Yoshida, remain on the site until the bitter end. As the world holds its breath, the Fukushima 50 fight for their hometown, their families, and the future of Japan.

Capelight Pictures

FUKUSHIMA 50 Arrived On VOD/Digital Platforms On March 5th

You can check out the trailer below



poster for Fukushima 50

Directed by: Setsuro Wakamatsu
Written by: Ryusho Kadota (Book: “On The Brink: The Inside Story of Fukushima Daiichi)and Yoichi Maekawa (Screenplay)
Country of Origin: Japan
Language: Japanese (OV) / English (dub)
Genre: Action & Drama
Distributor: Capelight Pictures
Produced by Tsuguhiko Kadokawa
RunTime: 121minutes

As always, thanks for reading.

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Trailer for Boss Level: Groundhog Day-style action flick with Frank Grillo & Mel Gibson

An ex-special op is caught in a time-loop and must die a horrible death every day. Think Groundhog Day only with Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson, showers of bullets & samurai swords. Sold? Thought so!

It is great to see Frank Grillo in more leading roles. The man is and always has been as good as an action star, if not better than what Hollywood can produce. The guy is a superb actor, he has the dramatic chops and also happens to be one hell of an ass-kicker. That is a weird combination and a dying breed unless we are talking about Asian actors like Iko Uwais, Tony Jaa, Jet Li or Jackie Chan. And how good was the MMA series, Kingdom? such an excellent series and I am not into sports in any shape or form!

As for Mel Gibson, he has been picking great indie roles with his most recent being the Walton Goggins Xmas action flick, Fatman. In Fatman, Mel Gibson played Santa Claus. He must fend off a hitman hired by a young child who got a lump of coal in his stocking.

The plot for Boss Level doesn’t sound too original and has been done before. Although they are all different movies, the premise is basically the same: Live.Die.Repeat. Films like Edge of Tomorrow, or Duncan Jones’, Jake Gyllenhaal sci-fi, Source Code. The big advantage that Boss Level has here is Grillo and his ability kick the absolute shite out of everything and anyone in his path.

Enjoy The Trailer

Boss Level is directed by Joe Carnahan (Narc, Smokin’ Aces, A-Team) and written by Chris Borey, Eddie Borey (writers of the fantastic Sharlto Copley horror-headfuck, Open Grave) and Joe Carnahan.

The film is due for release on March 5th, 2021 via Hulu Films

More information to follow as news is announced. As always, thanks for reading.

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On Amazon Prime: Dragged Across Concrete (Re-Review) and other S.Craig Zahler Info

After scrolling through Amazon Prime Video for what seemed like hours looking for something to watch, I said: “why not?” And gave S.Craig Zahler’s, Dragged Across Concrete another viewing. Like all of Zahler’s work to date, I remember really enjoying the film first time around for its rawness.

After my second viewing, I have to say that I enjoyed it even more. Zahler really doesn’t care about the censorship that plagues Hollywood. S. Craig Zahler has been writing for years and all of his content is bleak and nasty. I read recently that he said:

I always believed in my abilities as a writer, but the disparity between what I write and what is made in Hollywood is HUGE. This is very likely why I daily fight to push my scripts forward.
Write what you think is good, refine it, send it out, and repeat for many years. Find a day job that is satisfying, and also lets your mind wander so that the only pressure you feel is to become a better writer, not ‘get rich in Hollywood’.

S. Craig Zahler

But that has never changed Zahler’s vicious style of writing. His movies are bleak and violent. The hero gets reduced to zero and nearly always dies. You feel by the end of one of his films that someone has stuck their hand through your chest and ripped out your beating heart. I am sure, at this stage, you all know my preferred taste: I ain’t a fan of happy endings. Well, I mean, there are some exceptions, but if it’s rated 18’s then…pretty much, I want everyone to die or get defeated. I wanna be thinking “fuck, what did I just watch?”. Zahler does this beautifully and viciously and with great grotesque detail.

Dragged Across Concrete is no different. Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn star as two cops who were caught on video standing on the neck of a Mexican suspect. Their actions got them suspended and their faces are all over the news. One of them has a plan: rob a drug dealer, steal their money and sort out their financial difficulties.

The rest of this review will contain spoilers for Dragged Across Concrete. So, if you haven’t seen the movie…stop reading. You have been warned.

I love how Zahler introduces us to characters just so we can find a connection, learn to love, hate or even sympathise with them. Then, boom! Out of nowhere, they get killed, and usually in a horribly violent way.

Like Jennifer Carpenter’s small part in Dragged Across Concrete. She plays a mother of a newborn child but is also suffering from agoraphobia or not wanting to leave her child alone.

We see her try and get on the bus but she freaks out and walks back to her apartment. When she arrives, her boyfriend or husband has put the chain on the door to stop her from getting in. He reassures her that everything is going to be ok, and their baby, Jackson will still be there waiting for her when she gets home from her shift at the bank.

As the viewer, Zahler makes us think she is an important character to develop the story. Then when she arrives at work, she is met with presents and cupcakes from her colleagues to celebrate the birth of her baby boy. But HOLY SHIT! she doesn’t even get behind the counter of the bank. She has her fingers blown off and when she reaches into her pocket to pull out her baby’s little shoe, BANG! Poor Jennifer Carpenter is mowed down without thought or hesitation.

Just by slaying Capernter’s character, us, the viewer is left feeling uncomfortable.

Because it ain’t just her we are feeling bad for. It is her husband and her child. Her husband will never forgive himself for chaining that door and will be a man of regret, sorrow and what if’s. The baby will grow up without her mother and more than likely with a very unstable and mentally ill father who blames himself for the death of his child’s mother.

Vaughn’s character is the same. Throughout the movie we see him trying to build the courage to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Then, just as he is about to die, he gets his answer on voicemail: NO! she blows him out like snot. Again, you’re left feeling really bad for him.

Gibson’s character is also dealing with tremendous stress at home. His young teenage daughter is repeatedly attacked by a group of thugs. His wife is also heavily medicated and suffering from MS

Also, we know how cold the killer is at the exact moment he enters a convenience store near the start of the movie. He has no problem pulling the trigger, in fact, it looks like he enjoys it. He kills the cashier and also some poor random guy who does nothing other than walk into the store. Then, for absolutely no reason at all…he kills the soft drinks, sweets, tv and exits the store as if he was just in paying for a packet of chewing gum.


Nolan’s TENET New Trailer

We have been impatiently waiting for the new Christopher Nolan’s movie. In december we received the first trailer and it already looked spectacular, but now, with this new one, the expectations just got higher.

No many information has been released, but in imdb you can read :

“Armed with only one word, ‘Tenet’, and fighting for the survival of the entire world, the Protagonist travels through a twilight world of international espionage, on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time.”

A sci-fi thriller full of action, espionage, travels in time and conspiracies with a touch of Inception? Count me in!

Starring Robert Pattinson, John David Washington (Denzel Washington’s son), Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Dimple Kapadia, Clémence Poésy, Dimesh Patel and Michael Caine.

It also has Hoyte van Hoytema in the cinematography (Interstellar, Dunkirk, Ad Astra) and Ludwig Göransson in the music (Creed, Venom, Black Panther).

The release date is July 17.


Time To Hunt: Netflix Review

Although not quite perfect…but nearly. South Korean Netflix Original, Time To Hunt is still way more enjoyable than any action film I have seen in quite a while

What’s Time To Hunt About?

Set in the not so distant future, South Korea is on the brink of financial collapse. The cities are now run-down slums with crime more prominent than ever with people doing whatever they can to survive

A small group of friends decide that it would be a great idea to rob a gambling joint. Their reasoning behind this is that the casino is run illegally so that means they can’t involve the cops. Great idea, yeah? nope. If South Korean cinema has taught us anything throughout the years, the cops are the last people you need to worry about. What starts off as a solid plan quickly turns to shit, when the next day, the owner of the casino puts a ruthless killer on their tracks to retrieve the stolen money. They are now being hunted.

The acting in Time To Hunt is powerful with not one bad performance from any of the cast. The lighting throughout the movie is wonderfully Refn, creating an uncomfortable, uneasy sort of ambience for us viewers. I have read some reviews where people were complaining about the script. Folks, this is an action movie, and with action movies usually comes a little bit of predictability and cheese.

The gun violence, sound design and camera work and direction were untouchable. So, for the little bits that I did find somewhat predictable or cheesy, it was more than easily forgiven with the level of action we get.

For a 15 certificate film, Time To Hunt has enough bloodshed and chaos to keep any action fan well entertained. Available now on Netflix

Written & directed by Sung-hyun Yoon

Highly reccomended 7.5/10

GG – Moviehooker

As always, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the film.

Words by Gary Gamble
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