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Breaking Bad Movie Confirmed To Continue Jesse Pinkman’s Story

It’s the news we all hoped for. The Breaking Bad movie will be a continuation of Jesse Pinkman’s story.

It was only yesterday I wrote an article about the upcoming Breaking Bad movie. Vince Gilligan confirmed that a movie called Greenbrier is in the works and that the film is set in the Breaking Bad universe. There wasn’t much to go on, just a short plot about a kidnapped man and his path to freedom. I know I wasn’t the only one, we all hoped it was Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in the lead role. The news I woke up to this morning confirmed just that; our kidnapped victim is Jesse Pinkman, and, of course, Aaron Paul is set to  reprise his iconic role…BITCH!

*SPOILERS* (but tough if it is spoiled, you should have the whole thing watched by now…it ended almost 6-years ago)

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Jesse Pinkman went through hell in the last season of Breaking Bad. He was chained, held captive and made to cook Walt’s blue meth for a group neo-Nazi scumbags. He lost everyone he cared about in the cruellest way possible. This left him broken, he was a completely different character than what we saw in the first season. We really felt for Jesse, he was the one who suffered most while caught in the murderous power-hungry crosshairs of Walter White. You really couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. And let’s be honest about this, Aaron Paul’s acting was so good. I don’t know of a single fan who wasn’t happy to see Jesse break away and escape. His luck apparently doesn’t last too long as the story in Gilligan’s movie picks up right where season 5 ended.

AMC’s hit tv show Breaking Bad first aired in 2008. The fifth and final season was released in 2013. Aaron Paul picked up 3 Emmy awards for his role as Walter White’s unfortunate meth-cooking sidekick Jesse Pinkman.

More news to follow as it is announced.

Words by Gary Gamble

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