Alien 40th Anniversary fan-made Shorts: Enjoy the first four shorts in the series

Alien Shorts

It is hard to believe that Alien is almost 40-years-old. Even at 40 years of age, nothing has come close to creating the terror and feeling of claustrophobic hopelessness like we got in Ridley Scott’s Alien.

Now, to celebrate its anniversary, there will be 6 fan-made shorts. Each short tells a different story set in the terrifying Alien universe. These shorts will be a mix of both live-action and animation using mainly game-engine technology that we have seen in Neil Blomkamp’s Oats Studios productions

Here’s the official description released with the announcement of the Alien 40th Anniversary short movies:
From terrifying escapes to Facehuggers and Xenomorphs, these captivating shorts brings forth an exciting new narrative for fans while paying homage to the original film.

Here are the Alien shorts so far. Enjoy.
Article Updated: 4th short added.


Set on a small escape ship, a crew, and soul-survivors of an Alien outbreak wake from hypersleep to find that something got onboard with them. Trust wears thin as each crew member begins to think something has infected them. Trust no one!.
Full of quality chest-bursting goodness.
Directed by Chris Reading

SHORT 2: SPECIMEN (Animated)

The lead character in Specimen has to be one of the fastest-acting characters in the whole franchise. The only ever character (that I know of anyway) that has slapped a Facehugger straight out of the air before it attaches to your face for some loving.
The only other character in Specimen is Maggie, a Doberman that is there to protect against all Alien threat.
Even though this is an animated short, at times, you would find it hard to tell the difference between animation and live-action.
Directed by Kelsey Taylor

SHORT 3: NIGHT SHIFT (live-action)

Another simple and straightforward infection/chest-bursting story. Just when a crew member is about to finish her stock-take she is met with two other crew members. One of these crew members is just back from a mission and is feeling disorientated and sick. You know what that means, don’t you?. Yup. Infection & lockdown.

Directed by Aidan Breznick


At last, we got some Xenomorphs action. Ore is, hands-down my favourite of the series…so far, we still have another two to come.

Set on a mining colony, a team of miners start their shift only to notice that something has killed one of the miner’s. Something has burst out of the miner’s chest killing him instantly. The miners are then stalked by something much more powerful and smarter than they are. When they find out that they are expendable, they must make a choice to stay and fight the Alien threat to stop it from destroying the colony.

Did you notice the grammar error on the computer screen? “To Hanks – priority one — Insure safety of organism. All other considerations secondary.

Obviously, the correct spelling is “ensure

This was a clever reference from the first Alien movie. Ash (Ian Holm) received a message which can clearly be seen on his computer screen. The original message read “Priority one — Ensure return of organism for analysis. All other considerations secondary. Crew expendable.”.

Cool little reference to the originator 1979 classic. Such great attention to detail.

Original message from Alien

For those of you that can’t wait and need some Alien action right now!. Don’t forget, that a digital series is also available. This animated series from IGN is based on the characters from the game Alien: Isolation. The main character is Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s character, Ellen Ripley.

That is all we have for now. The Alien Shorts seem to arrive pretty quickly. I am guessing we won’t have long to wait for the 5th instalment. I will update this article as soon as it arrives.

The names of the remaining 2 shorts are Harvest (Benjimen Howdeshell) & Alone (Noah Miller).

More news to follow as it’s announced. As always, thanks for reading

Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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