Trailer For New French Spider Horror INFESTED

I must have missed it but we have a trailer for the new French spider horror INFESTED which was uploaded a month ago. As expected, it looks really good.

Infested has been getting a lot of love on Moviehooker, and for very good reason r. It is one of our most anticipated horror movies of 2024. The reviews have been exceptional and the trailer proves that what we’re about to get is pure arachnophobic 8-legged terror.

Set in a high-rise apartment complex in Parisian suburbs, it follows a group of residents who must battle for survival when an exotic poisonous spider escapes from the container of a resident who collects weird insects. They quickly realise that the spiders have them trapped in their building making it almost impossible to escape. With the spiders rapidly multiplying and evolving the residents must find a way through the web of terror. 

I said before that Infested is supposedly going to make you terrified of spiders…even if you thought you weren’t, you will be.


Official Plot (IMDb)

Kaleb, who’s about to turn 30 has never been lonelier. He’s fighting with his sister over a matter of inheritance and has cut ties with his best friend. Passionate about exotic animals, he comes home one day with a venomous spider and accidentally lets it slip away.


I can confirm that Shudder has acquired the streaming rights to Infested. They will release it sometime this year but the date has yet to be confirmed. I will update this article and let you all know when I hear any news. I am hoping Moviehooker will be part of the press train for this one. 

Infested is directed by S├ębastien Vanicek. It is written by Vanicek and Florent Bernard and stars Theo Christine, Sofia Lesaffre and Jerome Niel. 

2024 is definitely going to be the year of spider horror. 

That’s great news because I think it is a sub-genre that we’ve seen very little of but has so much potential. We could have up to 3 releases dropping this year. As well as Infested we’re getting one called Sting, a new horror from the director of the fantastic Australian zombie horror Wyrmwood. Sting will have a 12-year-old female protagonist and she will battle spiders after spider eggs drop from the sky (oh, maybe alien spiders) Also, although I haven’t heard anything in a while, we should be getting a remake of the classic 90s horror Arachnophobia. The Arachnophobia remake is supposedly going to be directed by Happy Death Day director Christopher Landon. When the news was first announced, it was rumoured to be his next film and production would begin soon. But…I recently heard that Landon’s next film will be a werewolf movie called Big Bad. So, who knows, all we can do is hope but I would really like to see this happen with Landon directing. Even if we don’t get it, we definitely still have two confirmed spider horrors. I’ll take it!

I will update this article when I hear when Infested is going to be released on Shudder. I am hoping we won’t have long to wait and I should get the press release in the near future. Stay tuned!

As always, thanks for reading!

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It is funny how these trailers are cut with no dialogue. I am pretty sure this is a method to trick those who don’t read subtitles into watching it. I guess in a way it is a good thing as we’re not getting any spoilers. I hope you enjoy it.


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