The Gentlemen Review 2024: Guy Ritchie is the King of British Crime

The Gentlemen Review - Moviehooker

Guy Ritchie’s series adaptation of the 2019 film The Gentlemen recently arrived on Netflix with an amazing cast featuring Theo James, Vinnie Jones, John Connors, Daniel Ings, Joley Richardson, Ray Winstone and Giancarlo Esposito. If you’re a fan of old-school Guy Ritchie then the Gentlemen will be right up your street. The series follows Edward, … Read more

More Horror Films Coming Your Way Soon

Humane - New Horror Films 2024 A Moviehooker List

A new list of horror films that will be released so or throughout the year. This is our 8th list of the year with zero signs of us slowing down. There is just so much awesome content to hook you all up with. HUMANE The directorial debut from Caitlin Cronenberg, the daughter of David Cronenberg … Read more

WOLF NIGHT: District 9 Meets The Purge?

wolf night movie platinum dunes Moviehooker news

Wolf Night has been described as exactly that – a new werewolf film from Platinum Dunes and director Jonathan Liebesman that is already being compared to The Purge meets District 9 Deadline was the first to report the news on this new werewolf movie. Although we don’t have anything in regard to plot, I can … Read more

The Best Korean TV Shows On Paramount Plus

Paramount - A Bloody Lucky Day

BARGAIN  Bargain in one of the crazier South Korean TV shows…if you can believe that and is a major win for Paramount K content. Yes, this epic series is for fans of the darkest, meanest forms of K Drama/Horror.  A young girl tricks a man into believing she is selling her body for sex. What the … Read more


Dark South Korean Serial Killer K Dramas

I am back with a new list featuring some of the best dark South Korean serial killer K Dramas The very reason I started watching dark serial killer K Dramas was because of my love for South Korean genre cinema. I thought to myself if these guys are dishing out some of the best serial … Read more

Killer Animals & Venomous Spiders: Meet 2024’s New Horror Villains

Under Paris - New Killer Animal Movies 2024 Moviehooker

A new list of movies featuring some killer animals and highly venomous, murderous insects. I want to introduce you all to 2024’s new horror villains. I hope you enjoy and add these movies to your ever-growing watchlist. Let’s get to it. FERAL Feral is a new killer boar movie from Australia. I know we have … Read more


House of Ninjas Review Moviehooker

House of Ninjas arrives on Netflix on February 15th – Netflix kindly sent us the screener for review and we couldn’t be happier to be spreading the word about this awesome new series. Wow, where to start? When I first heard of the idea of House of Ninjas, I was immediately sold: a family living … Read more


A Bloody Lucky Day review Moviehooker

A Bloody Lucky Day was featured on a Moviehooker list written back in November 2023 of 5 Upcoming K Dramas To Look Forward to – it’s safe to say that this one is going to unsettle a lot of viewers…and impress even more! When I reported about the new K Drama series – I was … Read more

Out Of Darkness Review: Survival Horror Shows The Birth Of Evil

survival horror out of darkness - Moviehooker

Prehistoric Survival Horror Out Of Darkness arrives in theatres on February 9th  Out of all of the years that I have been obsessed with watching movies. Do you know how many times I have watched a prehistoric survival horror? That would be zero. I have always been fascinated with the stone-age era in cinema. Sadly, … Read more

Restore Point: Witness A Terrifying New Future

Restore Point Review

RESTORE POINT arrives on U.S. VOD on February 8th via XYZ Films! Check out the mind-melting trailer below! Moviehooker is excited to share with you the official press release for the new Czech sci-fi, Restore Point. This one looks visually stunning and is a mind-bending blend of Blade Runner and Black Mirror all set in a … Read more

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