Great Films On Amazon Prime You Need In your Life 2024

Amazon Prime Movies A Moviehooker List

The Best Films You Can Currently Stream On Amazon Prime Video UK/Ireland. I was browsing Amazon Prime last night and I noticed some new epic films have been added. This is quite the mix and to be honest, I deleted some because the article was just too big. So, I guess a part 2 is … Read more

LaRoy Texas: New Comedy Thriller Coming 12th April

LaRoy Texas Press Release Moviehooker Movie News

LaRoy Texas is now on the Moviehooker radar with a screener already in the pipeline for review that will be brought to you by Kendall on the 1st April. I am a simple man, but when I hear the name Dylan Baker, i’m just beyond sold. We are happy to share the official press release … Read more

The Voyeurs – A twist we don’t see often enough – Review

The film tells the story of Pippa and Thomas. They decided to live together. But part of the rules, the landlord gave is not to hang things from the ceiling. This of course means, no curtains and they have huge windows. That’s the beginning of our drama, the huge windows let them have a glimpse … Read more

Why Parasite deserved all those Oscars?

When people asks me, why I liked “Parasite” so much or why I would recommend it, some things always come to mind, I’ll try to answer those questions here: Why I think you should watch it (if you haven’t) and Why it deserved all that praise. Since Baeksaekin (White Man), Bong Joon-ho has showed us … Read more

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