14 Documentaries That Every Documentary Lover Should See

act of killingThe Act Of Killing  

Directed by Joshua Oppenheimer. I thought that The Act Of Killing was another one quite hard to watch. The film focuses on a member of an Indonesian death squad who committed horrible atrocities. He is made to re-live and act out the murders that he committed.

An unsettling watch and one that would not be suited for everyone.  Nonetheless, The Act Of Killing is a tremendous documentary. One I believe should be watched by anyone into war documentaries or historical events.

look of silenceThe Look Of Silence

The Look Of Silence is the follow-up and companion piece to Joshua Oppenheimer’s 2012’s The Act Of Killing. Still set in Indonesia, The Look Of Silence¬†focuses on a family who must face the man who killed their brother in the genocide that happened in the 1960’s.

camp 14Camp 14: Total Control Zone

It’s not very often we get some inside information about what its like to be detained in a concentration camp in North Korea. Camp 14 tells the story of one of the very few people who managed to escape and find his way to South Korea.


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