4 British Crime TV Shows From 2015 You Might Have Missed

British crime drama series has got damn good over the past few years, so here is a list of them. I believe this is because of the rise of insanely popular Scandinavian and flawlessly written programs such as The Bridge, or The Killing.

These shows have forced Britain to step-up and really give it their all, and I think these 4 British crime drama series list from 2015 would be well worth hooking you up with… I hope you enjoy.


River stars Stellen Skarsgard – the story is simple – his partner has been shot-down in cold blood and he must try and find her killer, while at the same time try to manage his delusional and rapidly deteriorating, broken mind.

Detective River sees dead people  – not in the same way as The Sixth Sense, they are more like the demons in his mind – they are the result of dealing with death on a daily basis, a result of dealing with regret, and a result of guilt.

The dead people he sees aren’t looking to get a message to a loved one – or trapped between worlds – they are there because River is slowly losing his mind.

It’s very clever in the sense – that the dead people he sees offer insights into the case, but as the evidence unfolds we start to learn just how delusional River actually is.

While the viewer does feel sympathy towards Detective river, as Skarsgard plays his character with realism and ease, it makes for some seriously awesome crime television, and its very dark at times.

He sees his murdered partner, a dead teenage kid who he feels responsible for and has carried a heavy burden since his death, and then a random serial-killer from the early 1900s (played brilliantly, as always, by Eddie Marsan). A great show, powerfully written, it will have you hooked

British Crime Drama Series List


After watching River I was really impressed with Nicola Walker’s performance – I set out to find if she had been in any other crime TV shows that I might have missed and that’s when I stumbled on, Unforgotten.

This is a multi-layered, brilliantly written piece of crime drama. Very realistic, and heartbreaking with yet another great performance from Nicola Walker.

When the remains of a teenage boy that was missing for 39 years are found by builders when renovating a house- 6 very different people are thrown into a past they thought they buried a long time ago.

A whodunit of the highest order that touches on, power, racism, homophobia, and murder.


I went into Spotless not knowing much about the story. It focuses on the owner of a small crime scene cleaning business who is finding it hard to make ends meet and support his wife and children.

When his estranged brother arrives from France with a load of heroin he sees a way of getting out of his rut…there is just one problem – the smack is in the stomach of a dead prostitute who he has in a large freezer in the back of his van.

We all know anything like this won’t end pretty –  they get involved with some nasty people when trying to source a buyer for the smack  –  not to mention –  the owners of the drugs have located him, and they have sent out the heavies to bring back the drugs…or his head.

from dakness
From Darkness

From Darkness is another crime drama that focuses on a retired cop called Claire Church (played by Anne-Marie Duff from Shameless). Church left the police force and moved away to rural Scotland (I think) to start a new life with her husband and child.

When she was in the force, she believed she had vital information about the disappearance of two prostitutes but her superiors thought that the evidence was not substantial enough to make a case.

16 years later  –  the bodies of the two girls are found. The church is contacted by an old colleague who comes crawling with apologies on why they didn’t listen. After some persuasion, Church decides to enter the case once again only this time she won’t stop at anything until she catches the killer who brutally murdered the prostitutes all those years ago.


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