14 Documentaries That Every Documentary Lover Should See

Documentary 5 Broken Cameras5 Broken Cameras

This entire documentary focuses on one Palestinian man and his friends as he tries to defend the little land he has left his land from Israeli forces. This harrowing real-life story is documented by broken cameras found throughout the years.

Documentary CatfishCatfish

Catfish is a documentary that I am sure everyone has seen by now. If you haven’t then you’ve no excuse not to check it out after this article. We all know this sort of shit goes on all the time. I think that Catfish was the first Doc to bring this out to the open. It shows us all just how strange, and desperate people surfing the internet can be.

Please don’t be a Catfish

Documentary BlackfishBlackfish

Another documentary that thankfully received worldwide attention after its release and looks to be the main reason that the masters of captivity – SeaWorld – won’t be around for much longer.

They’ve been caught lying to the public about their well-being and state. Members of staff have also died as a result of their captivity; deaths that would’ve been prevented if the right measures were taken.

(May you burn in hell SeaWorld)

Documentary The ImposterThe Imposter

Ok, so this has to be one of the weirdest things that I have ever seen. I had to question if the content featured in this documentary was real – or just a very well-made story designed to boggle the mind.

The documentary tells the shocking and confusing story of a young Spanish kid who claims to be a missing kid from Texas who went missing three years prior.

He managed to convince the grieving family and friends and even managed to go back to the missing kid’s school.

It is clearly obvious that this guy ain’t the missing kid, but he gets the gold medal for Chancer Of The Century that is for sure.

There was also a feature film released called The Chameleon and I personally thought it was a great Indie film, but still doesn’t have a patch on the documentary as it’s all put together using real footage.

Documentary Capturing The FriedmansCapturing the Friedmans

I found this documentary to be quite slow but when things get going, Capturing The Friedmans is a riveting piece of cinema. This documentary was directed by Andrew Jarecki – who is also the director of one of the above documentaries, The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst.

Thank you all for reading

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