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I’ve been looking forward to seeing my favourite werewolf cop back in action.

I was a little curious to find out what other’s thought of Another Wolfcop. I laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of it all on more than one occasion. All of this in the early hours of the morning. With no beer!.

The first review I read wasn’t a good one. The one thing that stood out was this critic was giving a shit about the lack of character development.

Wolfcop isn’t a movie that I would be analysing the characters looking for some in-depth development. It’s about an alcoholic cop who turns into a werewolf, and when in full werewolf form he becomes Wolfcop…to me, that’s some pretty good character development right there. It’s not like we’re watching 12 Angry Men, It’s, Wolfcop – it does exactly what it says on the tin.


Another Wolfcop

As you may or may not know, there is a Wolfcop graphic novel out there. The reason behind writing the comic, there were no boundaries, Wolfcop could go anywhere, fight anyone or anything with no budgetary restraints.

It seems that Lowell Dean has achieved graphic novel status with Another Wolfcop. He has gone above and beyond with the ridiculousness.

The film picks up where we left off in the first Wolfcop. I would recommend revisiting the first one so that you’re up to date with all the hairiness that’s going on.

Our howling hero is still roaming around town in his Wolfcop mobile, ripping bad guys apart and dropping the body parts off at the police station for the police to sort out.

An evil businessman called Sydney Swallows is looking to get their rundown town booming again by pushing his new beer called CHICKEN MILK (tagline: slam a cold cock). He has also promised to create an indestructible hockey team, but no one knows what he is really up to. His evil desires are made possible with Darkstar brewery who are secretly using reptilian-like lizard-doctors to create superhuman beings (Deep Breath Now!).


Wolfcop [DVD]

Using the same winning formula as its predecessor, Another Wolfcop excels in every way. Much of the same, only on a much hairier scale.

Just watch it, witness it all for yourself. It’s great fun.

Bring on WOLFCOP 3

Another Wolfcop is now in select theatres

Thanks for reading.


A solid 7/10



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