Sometimes I get the pleasure of reviewing gems like this absolutely stunning nature documentary Heart Of An Oak

This was a first here at Moviehooker HQ. I sat myself down to watch Heart Of An Oak and before I knew it, I wasn’t the only one watching. My two dogs (Bella and Bruno) were glued to the screen also. So, I can honestly say that I watched this film with my dogs and what a beautiful experience that was they never took their eyes off of the screen. 

Heart Of An Oak tells the simple, yet fascinating story of a 200-year-old oak tree. We follow the many inhabitants that live there throughout the years in one of the most beautifully shot nature documentaries I have ever seen. 

The sound design and camera work are astounding and really make you feel like you’re living right there in this little society of animals and insects. We witness the changing of seasons and how the little residents of the tree adapt to survive the sometimes harsh weather. 

Heart of An Oak is stunning to look at from the opening credits. There’s no David Attenborough-type narration, and while I do love some David Attenborough, this approach submerges you even more into their little world. What we get is crystal clear. Every sound from the rustling of leaves, to rain, to the tiny pitter-patter of insect legs, and the fungi growing below the roots, everything is delivered to us in complete clarity.

This is a film that can be enjoyed by all the family. Not only would it be beautiful for your young ones to witness but it also be very educational on life, wildlife and the importance of our ecosystem.

Check out the beautiful trailer

From the Heart of An Oak press release

Commenting on the film, directors Laurent Charbonnier & Michel Seydoux said; “Considered the king of trees, the oak symbolizes power and durability: it is the largest and most majestic tree of our forests in the Northern Hemisphere. For many, it is synonymous with hope in a life for future generations. The stories in “Heart of an Oak” illustrate a spectacle of savage beauty, in a unique reading of the secrets of our biodiversity. More than a living plant, it is a habitat.

Our idea was to take a documentary subject and tell it with the narrative and technical know-how typical of fictional feature films, with the primary intention of showing audiences something they had never seen before. Few live-action feature films have ever taken up the challenge of a complete immersion into the heart of a tree, without voice-over commentary. Using the latest audiovisual technologies (including 360-degree virtual cameras, machinery and special effects), and cutting edge innovations that allowed us to approach the microscopic worlds and inner universe of living creatures, we have been able to completely immerse the viewer into the heart of a tree – telling stories that will both touch and surprise audiences, whether young or old, and irrespective of their ecological awareness

Heart Of An Oak will premiere on the Icon Film Channel from 10th June with UK Theatrical screenings from 12th July and then on Digital Download from 12th August 

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