3 New Lovecratian Films You Need to Check Out

I am back with another list of new Lovecraftian-style movies. I sure hope you enjoy these and I’ve hooked you up with some fine future viewing. Let’s get to it!


Minore is a new creature feature from Greece – which is more than welcomed as we never really see a lot of Greek content.

The film is set in a seaside town where giant tentacled monsters rise from the depths of the ocean to wreak havoc on the city’s population. It is up to a band of musicians, locals and tourists to fight off the tentacled threat.

The creature design in this looks awesome as does the creature FX. This is one you’re gonna wanna check out for sure.


Flowing is a new Italian horror movie that really gives us some eerie Lovecraftian vibes. The film is about a weird gas that rises from the ground every time it rains in Rome. If you breathe in this gas, it makes you see, or act out on your deepest and darkest desires.

By the sounds of Flowing, this could go two ways: 1, we have a Bird Box scenario where your worst fears manifest themselves in front of your eyes and you end up killing yourself. Or 2, something like we see in Rob Jabbaz’s Taiwanese horror film, The Sadness where you violently act out on your sickest and most depraved thoughts. I’m okay with any of these scenarios.

I have seen a few stills and everything is pointing towards some sort of zombie-like infection. I am hoping it leans more towards The Sadness than anything else. Either way, I am in!.


The Breach has got some mixed reviews but it sounds so damn good that I’m gonna make my mind up for myself.

A cop on the verge of retirement is called to investigate a dead body found near a local river. This body has been mangled in ways that are not humanly possible and throws our nearly retired cop into a world of gross cosmic horror.

That’s it for this list. I hope you have added these titles to your watchlist. As always, thanks for reading


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