Squid Game – Sometimes adulthood makes you forget your inner child, but what about your humanity?

If you are expecting a full-action series, think again…Squid Game is about humans in hopeless situations, in their own worst-case scenario.

We have Seong Gi-hun, a problematic son and not a good father figure.

In the beginning, is hard to feel some empathy for him. I mean, he is a middle-aged man who steals money from his mom to bet on horse racing. And takes advantage of the pity other people feel for him.

He doesn’t even try to do something about his current situation. Making it hard to see him as a victim of fate.

But as the plot progresses, you start seeing his humanity. He has flaws, like all of us but he is not a bad person.

He cares and tries to do the right thing even when he has a big lack of confidence.

We are introduced to all these characters at the beginning of the game. Each one of them is in a hopeless situation. Which is pretty much to die out there. Succumbing to their debts or inside the facility, fighting for a chance to win all the money.

There’s one big clause that states if the majority doesn’t want to play, the game will be over.

Without consequences for them, but they will not receive any money they have earned with each game.

One character quickly lets us know that he is not what other people think. He begins to emerge as the villain.

When they see that after one of the contestants accidentally kills another, they get rewarded with more money. And because they can see all the money in the huge clear piggy bank that is hanging in the ceiling, as a reminder of how much they can get at the end… things get crazier.

It is not only about winning the games anymore.
But to distrust everyone, because now every one of them is a living target, they are walking money.

When they got the opportunity to end the game and return to their normal lives. They realize their reality is way worse than what they remembered and resume the game.
Now with a different mindset, some strategies under their sleeves; just got more interesting.

With every game, people start choosing between the “two main teams”, with that, you learn the story of each one, their motives. The character development is just fantastic.

You begin to start rooting for the ones you never think you would like, you will hate others that you didn’t think they were in that way.
On some level, you can empathize with every single one of them, even the annoying characters. Because you will understand their motives.

Some situations are predictable, is not a new story, but the performances of all the cast are incredible.
Besides we have the amazing special appearances of Gong Yoo (Silenced, Train To Busan, Seobok) and Lee Byung-hun (A Bittersweet Life, I Saw the Devil, Inside Men) as the cherry on top.

Squid Game has all the characters you need in a project like this:

The alcoholic and gambler loser, the genius kid who is facing his downfall, a very young thief…

The classic gangster, an old man that has a terminal illness, the immigrant that people have taken advantage of…

The rebellious teen with a big secret, a woman who would do anything to stay alive, the fervent religious believer…

Throw some bullies, a married couple, and neutral people into the mix and the cocktail will be explosive.

I will not say much about the story. Otherwise, you will miss the opportunity of unveiling some secrets with each game of half-truths we already know from the start. Besides, many side stories are worth discovering by yourself.

It is a journey of self-discovery. Not only about the cruel games, but about human nature, if after everything you have seen and experienced you still have hope.

Squid Game is available on Netflix.


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