Money Heist Korea- Joint Economic Area: Netflix Review

Money Heist Korea review

Well, folks, the wait is finally over, Money Heist Korea has now hit Netflix with the first 6-episodes released last Friday. It took me a little longer than expected to get through the first half of the series. To be honest, I thought I would have swallowed all those episodes in one single viewing but … Read more

Upcoming K Dramas

Upcoming K Dramas 2022

We are back again with another new list of upcoming K Dramas all getting released this year…some REALLY soon! ULTIMATE WEAPON ALICE Described as a “youth action romance” Ultimate Weapon Alice follows the lives of three high school students who are being hunted by a criminal organisation. One of the students is also a highly … Read more


We are back with episode 2 of Moviehooker’s True Crime/Movie Time audio podcast. In this episode, we take a look at an incredibly heartbreaking case of The Frog Boys In 1991, 5 kids set off looking to hunt for frogs in a mountain region in Daegu, South Korea. All 5 children were never seen again … Read more

Information on the new South Korean Actioner, The Killer: The Woman Who Deserves to Die

The Killer

The Killer: The Woman Who Deserves to Die was just recently featured in a new South Korean movie list. I stated that out of all the films on that list, this one is my most anticipated. So, it’s a pleasure to share with you all the official press release. The storyline may sound a bit … Read more

Sweet Home & Squid Game: News on Popular South Korean Netflix Series’

Squid Game & Sweet Home

Good news for fans of the South Korean series’ Sweet Home and Squid Game A bit of a double-whammy today as we have news to report on both Squid Game and Sweet Home SWEET HOME We’re not only getting a much-needed season 2, folks but a season 2 & 3. Sweet Home tells the story … Read more

New South Korean Movies 2022

New South Korean Movies 2022

We are back with a brand new list of South Korean movies releasing in 2022, everything from Park Chan-wook, to Song Kang-ho, we have some great titles releasing this year. I am sure you know that at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, South Korean cinema really left its mark, picking up two prestigious awards. Veteran … Read more

More South Korean Movies To Look Froward to in 2022

New Korean Movies 2022 THE ROUNDUP

We are back with another list, this time hooking you up with more fantastic South Korean movies coming your way this year. It’s only April and already it looks like we’re nearly swamped with great upcoming South Korean movies releasing in 2022. You can expect to see more… it’s hard to keep up but we … Read more

Hwang Dong-hyuk’s Next Feature Promises More Violence Than Squid Game

Hwang Dong-hyuk Killing Old People Club

Hwang Dong-hyuk has just announced his next feature, a “controversial film” that promises to give us more violence than Netflix’s, Squid Game We don’t have a lot of information but this is exciting news for us South Korean cinema fans. The new film will be based on the works of Italian novelist Umberto Eco. The … Read more

New Asian Crime Thrillers Coming in 2022

New Asian Crime Thrillers List ---Moviehooker

A list of New Asian crime thrillers (mainly Japanese) that hit our screen this year. Our second list of 2022 focuses on new Asian crime films hitting our screens this year. Most are live-action adaptations of Manga. A lot of these, I have never even heard of so as well as writing it, I also … Read more

Happiness: New South Korean viral outbreak series reinvents the genre…again!


Get ready for your new South Korean k-drama obsession, a new series called Happiness that shows us a new way of rabid infection Wow. it seems that everywhere we look, we are surrounded by zombies. Usually, I would think that’s an awesome thing but there’s just too many shows that are exactly the same…or a … Read more

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