Fantasia Film Festival 2024: Top Picks Part 1

Azrael movie Fantasia Festival '24 - Moviehooker

It’s that time of year again and we’re delighted to announce that Moviehooker will be covering this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival Okay, so the third and final wave of films was recently announced. There is so much awesome content playing this year that it would be humanly impossible to fit it all into one … Read more

Revelations: Yeon-Sang-ho + Alfonso Cuarón team-up For Netflix Thriller

Revelations- Yeon Sang-ho and Alfoso Cuaron - Netflix

So, here’s a little bit of exciting movie news. Yeon Sang-ho and Alfonso Cuarón are teaming up for a new Netflix thriller called Revelations. Yeon Sang-ho, the South Korean mastermind behind Train to Busan, Hellbound and The King Of Pigs is teaming up with Children of Men and Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón for a new … Read more

Train to Busan director to direct first English-language film

Train To Busan director to make English language debut with 35th Street

Yeon Sang-ho, the director of South Korean zombie classic Train to Busan has been signed on to make his English-language debut The project has officially been titled 35th Street and although the plot is being kept under wraps, it has been confirmed that 35th Street will be an action horror film. The film has already found its distribution home with Tristar and will be produced by Appian … Read more

3 New South Korean Films You Need To Know About

New South Korean Movies A Moviehooker List

I am back with a new list, this time focusing on some new South Korean films that will be coming our way soon. Hey, it may be a small list but I think these are gonna rock our worlds. Let us get to it. HANDSOME GUYS Handsome Guys has promised us some gnarly violence and … Read more

News: Oldboy TV Show In The Works

Oldboy TV Show News - Moviehooker

An English language remake of Park Chan-wook’s South Korean classic Oldboy is now in development Well, isn’t this a bit of unexpected news? Park Chan-wook is onboard as a producer with Lionsgate Television to adapt Oldboy into an English-language TV show. My first impression is that this is a very strange story to be adapting … Read more

Parasyte: The Grey Review 2024

Parasyte The Grey Review Moviehooker

The wait is over, Yeon Sang-ho’s Parasyte: The Grey is now available to stream on Netflix  For those of you who don’t know, Parasyte is a hugely popular Japanese Manga series. First published, in 1989, the original told of Shinichi, a lazy high-schooler who unknowingly stops an alien space worm from entering his brain, forcing … Read more

The Best Korean TV Shows On Paramount Plus

Paramount - A Bloody Lucky Day

BARGAIN  Bargain in one of the crazier South Korean TV shows…if you can believe that and is a major win for Paramount K content. Yes, this epic series is for fans of the darkest, meanest forms of K Drama/Horror.  A young girl tricks a man into believing she is selling her body for sex. What the … Read more

Parasyte: The Grey: Everything You Need To Know

Parasyte: The Grey information - Moviehooker

Parasyte: The Grey is one of those titles where it seems I have been waiting a lifetime to see released. When I get a title that I am excited about, something takes over. I don’t know what but I become sort of obsessed and I would be constantly searching, sometimes on a daily basis for … Read more

Darkest Serial Killer K Dramas You Need To See Part 2

Darkest serail killer K Dramas - Connect series

I am back with my part two of the darkest serial killer K Dramas you must all check out – let’s get straight to it! THE KING OF PIGS The King Of Pigs was first an animated feature from Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho. If I remember correctly, The King of Pigs was his … Read more


A Bloody Lucky Day review Moviehooker

A Bloody Lucky Day was featured on a Moviehooker list written back in November 2023 of 5 Upcoming K Dramas To Look Forward to – it’s safe to say that this one is going to unsettle a lot of viewers…and impress even more! When I reported about the new K Drama series – I was … Read more

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