Deliver Us From Evil: Hitmen, Psycho killers and Organ Harvesters in new(ish) action movie

Deliver Us From Evil South Korean film review Moviehooker

From writer/director Hong Won-Chan, writer of South Korean classics, The Chaser and The Yellow Sea, comes action movie Deliver Us From Evil When a Korean hitman called In-nam is ordered to go to Japan to take down an evil Yakuza boss notorious for killing women, he underestimates the violent backlash that faces him. What In-nam … Read more

Squid Game – Sometimes adulthood makes you forget your inner child, but what about your humanity?

Squid Game Game of Death Moviehooker Movie and series list

If you are expecting a full-action series, think again… this is about humans in hopeless situations, in their own worst-case scenario. We have Seong Gi-hun, a problematic son and not a good father figure. In the beginning, is hard to feel some empathy for him. I mean, he is a middle-aged man who steals money … Read more

D.P Review: The most heartbreaking series I have ever seen

DP Review Netflix Moviehooker

D.P is a new South Korean drama that just hit Netflix that pulls on your heartstrings until they snap A D.P is a specially assigned role in the South Korean army where two soldiers go undercover as civilians to capture soldiers who have gone AWOL and deserted the army. D.P featured in a recent Moviehooker … Read more

New South Korean TV Shows That You’ll Want To Know About Part 1

Taxi Driver Sout Korean Series Moviehooker Seres List

We are back with another list. This time focusing on new(ish) South Korean tv shows! I have only seen a few of these..but trust me, the ones I haven’t seen are going to be so good. Netflix has been killing lately with South Korean content, both with movies and tv series. So, for the ones … Read more

South Korean Revenge Movies From the last 10 years

South Kprean REvenge Movies

We are back with another list. This time we will be focusing on South Korean Revenge Movies that have been released in the last 10-years. We have said it before, when it comes to the revenge sub-genre, no one can quite hit the mark like South Korea. I have tried to keep the details down … Read more

Beyond Evil: New Netflix crime series raises the bar for procedural crime drama

South Korean TV Shows

Have you checked out the new South Korean Netflix series Beyond Evil? well, if crime procedural dramas are your thing, then this is one of the best in recent years. It ain’t no secret, I am huge fan of Asian cinema. Yeah, they don’t seem to be graphic and as violent as they used to … Read more

KRAFTON INC released their First Live Action Short Film starring Ma Dong-seok

KRAFTON INC is a South Korean collective of independent game development teams responsible for various entertainment properties. The most well known is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). PUBG is a game based on previous mods that were created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene for other games. Inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale and expanded into a standalone … Read more

Thailand & South Korea join forces for new horror The Medium

The Medium Thai Horror Movie Moviehooker News

Wow! I got some great news for all you Asian horror movie lovers! Thai director Banjong Pisanthanakun and South Korean director turned producer Na Hong-jin have joined forces for a new horror movie The Medium Banjong Pisanthanakun who is best known for co-directing the supernatural Thai horror film Shutter is back with a fresh new … Read more

New Asian Films You Should Know About (Japan & South Korea)

Homunculus Netflix Movie

We are back again with another brand new list of films for you all. This list will focus on Asian films that I think you should know about. I hope you enjoy it. For this list we just focus on new upcoming releases from Japan and South Korea. Stay tuned for a new list of … Read more

New to Netflix South Korean sci-fi thriller The Call (review)

The Call Netflix Review Moviehooker

The Call is now available to stream on Netflix The Call is a new South Korean sci-fi/thriller. When I say ‘sci-fi’, I mean that in the lightest way imaginable. It’s far from sci-fi but it does have some time-bending between the past and present. So, what else can I call it?. Above everything, it is … Read more

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