D.P Review: The most heartbreaking series I have ever seen

D.P is a new South Korean drama that just hit Netflix that pulls on your heartstrings until they snap

A D.P is a specially assigned role in the South Korean army where two soldiers go undercover as civilians to capture soldiers who have gone AWOL and deserted the army.

D.P featured in a recent Moviehooker list of upcoming K-dramas’ to watch out for (see below). I was right, each episode deals with a different soldier and we find out their story and why they have deserted. But holy God, I was not prepared for the emotional meltdown I got when watching this series. I am not ashamed to admit it, the tears were rolling down my face!. Not every episode packs that emotional punch but oh boy, the finale is without a doubt the saddest episode of ANY tv show I have ever witnessed. The acting from the cast is just beyond words. I was actually saying out loud “OMFG”, as the tears rolled down my face into my open gobsmacked mouth.


Our D.Ps are two very different people. One can sympathise with others and is kind-hearted, he is also a seriously good fighter. His partner is a higher rank, more strict and focused on pleasing his superiors with a high arrest rate. As the series develops, so does our characters as we watch them go from colleagues to brothers.

This is a very important series. It sheds light on the horror, abuse and bullying (both phyisical & sexual) that goes on in the South Korean army. The unimaginale torture they recieve on a daily basis that pushes these once innocent young men into commiting suicide or harming others.

My only problem was that season 1 only has 6-episodes. I am gonna go ahead and say that season two is already confirmed. I know 100% that we will be hearing that from Netflix very, very soon.

As always, thanks for reading.

Review by GG
Founder/Owner?BigCheese @ Moviehooker


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