New Genre Films You Need To Know About

New Genre Movies - Algea: God Of Pain - A Moviehooker List

As festival season approaches, we must keep you all hooked up with the best new genre films coming your way. It’s a tough aul job but someone has got to do it. Let’s get to it. Below you will find 7 new genre films that will be hitting this year’s festivals. I can’t confirm that all of these will be awesome but they sure sound it … Read more


Bleakest Films With The Bleakest Endings - A Moviehooker List

A new list of films featuring some of the bleakest endings guaranteed to rip your soul apart. MARTYRS Pascal Laugier’s, Martyrs pushed a lot of boundaries when it came to on-screen violence and was one of the leading titles in the French Extreme Movement.  The story of two friends on a quest for vengeance when one … Read more


Home Invasion Movies - A Moviehooker List

KIDNAPPED A family who live in a gated community are attacked in their home by three masked criminals. They take the family hostage and force the father to go with one of the criminals to withdraw money from an ATM. The family are tortured and beaten severely until their survival instinct kicks in they begin … Read more



Best British Films. I have been posting a few British classics on the Moviehooker socials recently, so I thought I’d do up a British super list of my own personal favourites. I believe everyone should know about these films. This is going to be a whopper of a list so make sure to continue reading … Read more

ABIGAIL: Who’s up for a Home Invasion Vampire Movie?

Abigail Information - Moviehooker

I am s sucker for a good vampire movie, and Abigail looks very promising – we have a great cast a beautiful blend of two horror sub-genres. This looks like it could be one of the first really good horrors of 2024 Starring Alisha Weir, Dan Stevens, Kevin Durand, Giancarlo Esposito and the late Angus Cloud (RIP). A … Read more

Laced: Trailer for New Hitchcockian Inspired Horror/Thriller

REMOTE CABIN. RECORD BLIZZARD. ATTEMPTED MURDER. LACED  Written and Directed by Kyle Butenhoff Hitchcockian Thriller Starring Succession’s Hermione Lynch and Soap Fave Zack Tinker Coming to Digital Platforms/VOD January 12th LACED is a modern thriller/drama in the vein of Hitchcockian classics like Dial M for Murder and Rear Window. Set in a single location, the piece explores the claustrophobic nature … Read more

The Best Films To Stream On Shudder Part 3

Keeping the Shudder love flowing with part 3 of The Best Films To Stream On Shudder. Please note, this list is for Shudder UK/Ireland In Part 3 you will be sure to find a lot of great titles THE SADNESS Made during the pandemic in Taiwan, The Sadness tells the story of a violent infection … Read more

The Best Shudder Films You Can Stream Part 2 UK/Ireland

Best Shudder Films - The Dark & The Wicked - A Moviehooker List

As promised, I’m back with The Best Shudder Films You Can Stream Part 2 in the UK/Ireland. As I mentioned in Part 1, this could be going on for a while as there is so much quality content to share with you all. Please note that this list of films is for Shudder UK/Ireland. THE … Read more

Great Horror Films To Stream On Shudder Part 1

When Evil Lurks - Best Horror on Shudder - A Moviehooker List

I am back with a new list of the best horror films that you can currently stream on Shudder. Part 2 coming soon. A new list of the best horror films to stream on Shudder. Please note – some titles may vary as I am Shudder UK/Ireland. Most are Shudder original though so you should … Read more

New Festive Horror: Get Your Festive Fear Here

Festive Horror List - Santa Isn't Real

The festive season is almost upon us and I am here to bring you the best in new Festive Horror This is a first here on Moviehooker: A Festive Horror List. I am not that big into Festive horror but there are definitely exceptions (I’m looking at you Christmas Cruelty). Not only has 2023 been … Read more

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