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Witness the messiah in Luz: The Flower Of Evil. This looks like a treat for fans of cult/folk horror.

The trailer for Luz: The Flower Of Evil is the best trailer for a horror movie I have seen in some time. It offers a lot of “what the fuck?”, plenty of nudity, cults, and yes, we’ve some satanic goats because satan and goats seem like good friends in horror movies. At the same time, it is beautiful, vibrant & visually hypnotic. Luz: The Flower Of Evil seems like a perfect mix of recent cult horror. Blending likes of The VVitch with the draw-dropping scenery and cults of Midsommar.

Here is the official press-release. You can find the trailer at the bottom of the article. I hope you enjoy.


  • Written & Directed by Juan Diego Escobar Alzate
  • Language: English dub and Spanish/Original with English subtitles
  • Genre: Drama
  • Distributor: Dark Sky FilmsProduced by: Juan Diego Escobar AlzateCast: Yuri Vargas (Revenge Strategy, Playing with Fire), Conrado Osorio (Sniper: Ultimate Kill, La Reina del Sur), Andrea Esquivel (Afuera del Tiempo, The Hunters), Sharon Guzman (La Reina del Sur 2, Noobees Nickelodeon), Jim Munoz (TV’s One Way Out), Johan Camacho (Guelcom tu Colombia), Daniel Paez (Narcos)

Check out the amazing poster art below

Luz: The Flower Of Evil
Official Plot

El Señor, the leader of a small cult in the mountains, returns to his village with a child who is purported to be the new Messiah. But when only pain and destruction befall the community, El Señor finds himself under attack from his own followers, including his three daughters, whose burgeoning femininity has already caused them to question their faith. Equally mystical and terrifying

A fantasy folk horror film where tranquillity belies a simmering evil. 

WHAT THE CRITICS ARE SAYING… “A gorgeous act of provocation… For enthusiasts of the recent resurgence of Folk-Horror, from Eggers’ The Witch and The Lighthouse to Ari Aster’s Midsommar, and Lukas Feigelfeld’s HagazussaLuz is essential viewing.”  


An extraordinarily bold piece of filmmaking.” – EYE FOR FILM “A debut that impresses” – LA ZONA MUERTO “Like The Witch and Them That Follow there is a power in the primal themes and deeply felt performances.”

Dark Sky Films brings LUZ: THE FLOWER EVIL to Digital + VOD on September 15th.

Enjoy The Trailer

A Midsommary VVitch trailer

As always, thanks for reading.

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