Review For New French Shocker REVENGE

 Review for new bloody as hell French shocker REVENGE

It seems that I’ve been waiting years to catch REVENGE. Revenge is the new film from writer/director Coralie Fargeat. The story is as straightforward as a revenge movie can get.

Revenge,  follows a group of friends, and one of their mistresses. They’re all there for their yearly hunting trip…and some heavy partying.

After one night of drug and alcohol-induced partying, Jennifer (Matilda Lutz) gives one of the friends an erotic(ish) dance. She has no idea what waits in store for her the next day. When her boyfriend leaves to get some documents, she is raped by, Stan. Not only is she raped but Dimitri, the other friend does nothing and walks away.

Anyways, she ends up at the bottom of a cliff, impaled on a tree and left for dead. 

This all happened in the first 5-minutes and can be seen in the trailer of the film. What follows is a full-on Revenge masterpiece.

I had some issues with the story, but as far as complaining goes, I don’t have that many negative things to say.

I know in horror movies, we can bend reality a little bit to fuel the story. But, man, it’s impossible for someone to fall from a cliff of that height, get impaled on a tree and survive.

The other issue I had was that there is no way the human body has so much blood. There is mountains of it.

As for the graphic sexual violence, I thought it was done tastefully. Most of it is done off-camera. I say this because it seems like a cartoon if you’re going to compare it to Noe’s, Irreversible.

Once the revenge gets going, it doesn’t stop.

New Horror Movies REVENGE

The film has a total of 5  characters in it, and one character is only in it for a few seconds. Even with such a minimal cast, there is plenty to love about the blood and gore. Yes, it’s a little over-the-top, but man, the FX team really nailed the gruesomeness.

A great female lead, with an awesome supporting cast. Although not perfect, there is still so much to love about Revenge.



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