The Hive: New Indie Sci-Fi Now Available on VOD

A lot of buzz has been surrounding The Hive, a new indie home invasion thriller with a sci-fi twist

The Hive begins with troubled couple Albie (Timothy Haug) and Penny (Christie Griffin) as they prepare for a one-of-a-kind night out away from their children. They plan to try and repair a broken relationship that’s left them both wondering if its even worth fighting for. The tension is already building as Albie is way more interested in his work to notice the effort Penny has put in for their special night out. They decide to try and make a go of things and continue with their dinner plans. However, things take a strange turn when they return to their house.

Two strangers have now entered and are acting like they live there. They try and reason with the oddly friendly couple but decide that calling the police would be the correct thing to do. In an even stranger turn of events, the police dispatcher calls the man inside of the house as if that number was the registered number to Albie and Penny’s home address. Things are about to get weirder. Allie and Penny get inside the house and quickly realise that the people who have invaded their home are looking for something – and they can get inside your mind to get it. I’ll leave it there with the plot details but things do get interesting.

The Hive has some very interesting ideas and is shot beautifully.

The sci-fi mixed with the home invasion sub-genre go really well together and offer us something new. I did think though that the film focused way too much on the relationship with Albie and Penny than it did with the sci-fi element. It almost felt like two movies and I was leaning way more into the sci-fi side of things

Everyone did a great job and held the movie together well though. The Hive is still a watchable indie sci-fi production mixing films like Invasion Of The Body Snatchers in with a home invasion sub plot. I will look forward to see what this team brings next.

You can check out The Hive on VOD now! As always, thanks for reading.


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