Choi Min-sik to star in Disney+ crime series King Of Savvy

South Korean veteran actor, Choi Min-sik has been cast in the lead role in King Of Savvy, a new crime series arriving on Disney+

Well, ain’t that some amazing news? As if that casting ain’t good enough, The Outlaws’ Kang Yoon-sung will serve as director.

It looks like Moviehooker could be subscribing to Disney+. After all the complaining and whining I do about them, they’ve figured out how to take my hard earned cash. Disney are going in a strange but very interesting direction. I mean they’re money-hungry whores, right?. If Netflix are reporting insane figures of well over 200 million households viewing Squid Game and Hellbound alone, it’s a no-brainer they want in on that action. And it looks like they’ve hit the ground running.

Official Release from Disney+

An Original under the Star banner, a South Korean series going into production is King Of Savvy, a riveting Korean drama about a casino king packed with crime and action. King Of Savvy is an exciting tent-pole project for Disney+ where the star of award-winning neo-noir action thriller Old Boy Choi Min-sik, one of the most successful and admired movie stars in Korea, meets the director of South Korean thriller The Outlaws, Kang Yoon-sung. It is a captivating story about survival, taking risks and getting back into the game.”

Previously titled, Casino, King of Savvy will also star Squid Game’s Heo Sung-tae and Kim Joo-ryung.

King of Savvy is expected to land on Disney+ this year. The mini-series has been confirmed to have 8 episodes.

Stay tuned for more info. As always, thanks for reading.


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