(Updated) Peninsula: New TRAILER For Train To Busan Sequel

Peninsula Train To Busan Sequel Trailer

We have a new TRAILER for the new Train To Busan sequel, Peninsula to share with you all (trailer at bottom of the article)

Poster 2

With the number of zombie movies out there set in open-worlds, it’s very strange that one of my all-time favourites is set in just one location, a train. Train To Busan took the horror-world and everyone with it by storm.

The simple story of a group of survivors trapped inside a moving train.  The infection spreads rapidly, turning everyone it comes in contact with into flesh-eating-maniacs.

Train To Busan

Train To Busan was a movie I was keeping a close eye on, way before it went into pre-production. In fact, Train To Busan marked director Yeong Sang-ho’s first-ever live-action film. His previous movies were all dark and disturbing in nature but beautifully animated.

TTB even has an animated prequel but it took a long time for people to realise there was a prequel. The prequel is called Seoul Station and takes place two days before the events in Train To Busan

I also highly recommend that you hook yourself up with his previous movies, The King Of Pigs and The Fake.

It makes perfect sense that we are getting a sequel. It would be stupid of them not to at least try – TTB was such a money-maker.

We just got to be thankful that Train To Busan wasn’t an American production. If it was, we could quite possibly be on TTB: Part 9 by now starring The Rock, with talks of prequels in the works.

The word on the street is that none of the original cast members will return for the sequel. Not a lot is known about the plot, but it is said that the infection starts to spread rapidly across South Korea. Basically, it sounds like TTB x 10. I have total faith in Sang-ho, the man has a great talent. I am sure he has something special planned for us with this sequel.

Concept art for upcoming Train To Busan sequel, Peninsula

Gang Dong-won, Kim Min-jae, Lee Junghyun, Lee Re and Kwon Hae-hyo have all been confirmed for the upcoming Train To Busan sequel.
The story is set to take place 4-years after the events of the first film. The entire Korean Peninsula is now in ruins and the zombie-infection has consumed almost everything and everyone. A small group of survivors prepare for their final fight against hordes of the undead.

More to follows as news is announced. As always, thanks for reading.


Now it seems that we have an official release date for Peninsula. The Train To Busan sequel will premiere in August 2020. I can not wait to see some South Korean zombie action on the big screen.

Yeong Sang-ho also directed PSYCHOKINESIS. A fun take on the superhero genre. You can read our review HERE and then watch it on Netflix.




As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble 

Founder/owner @ moviehooker

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