I am back again with another list of new films. This time I will be focusing on new Asian movies. I hope you enjoy.

New Asian Movies


New Asian Movies

New Asian Movies

Bullying seems to a subject that’s covered a lot in Asian cinema. Liverleaf continues that trend in what may a be an extremely vicious film.

Based on a Manga, Liverleaf tells the story of a young schoolgirl who is getting bullied at her new school. She has one friend, a classmate but apart from that, she has no one.

When a fire breaks out at her house killing her parents and badly burning her little sister she has a mental breakdown. She then plots her revenge against the ones responsible for starting the fire that killed her parents.

BURNING (South Korea)

New Asian Movies

New Asian Movies

I cant find a lot of info on this one but the poster was enough to sell me in an instant. From director Chang Dong-Lee, I have to admit, this is a man who I am not familiar with. He seems to have an impressive filmography, so if Burning delivers then Ill be going back to check some more of his flicks.

All I know about Burning is that two strangers meet and form a friendship. When one of them has to travel to Africa he comes back with a mysterious man. That’s not a lot to go on but as I said, it was the poster that grabbed me. Let’s hope I’m right.


New Asian Movies

New Asian Movies

The story of a father who raises his son to be pure evil. The father wants him to cause as much destruction and unhappiness in the world as humanly possible. No laws are to be obeyed, and if people are to die along the way then so be it.

Sounds like a great concept for a film. We all know how dark and disturbing Japanese cinema can be, so let’s hope Evil And The Mask lives up to its title.

THE DRUG KING (South Korea)

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New Asian Movies

Set in the 1970s.  Busan, South Korea. The Drug King tells the story of a drug smuggler and the cop assigned to bring him down.

This sounds right up my street. I really do love a good drug-lord movie.

Not to mention, being set in Busan in the 70s.  We will get to see an older side of the city from what we are usually used to seeing in recent movies.

SNATCH UP (South Korea)

New Asian Movies

New Asian Movies

Another South Korean crime flick. Snatch Up sounds like quite a multi+layered plot or maybe, I just read a huge synopsis of it.

The film is about a guy who has some serious money issues. Left with no choice, he asks for his deposit money back from his apartment. Not long after, his money is stolen by a thug who then gives the cash to a loan shark.

He then takes matters into his own hands to get his stolen cash back.

That’s it for this list. I really hope I have hooked you up with some new films to look forward to.


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