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3 newly released films you should check out on amazon prime

A list of newly released films on Amazon Prime Video I think you should check out.

To be honest, it seems that Amazon Prime Video has been a little slow with original content lately. Even though this list only features three films I thought they were all great. We are just not getting enough of them. Let’s get to it.


Rosamund Pike delivers another phenomenal performance in I Care A Lot. The story of a care worker who has been scamming her clients and taking control of their assets and money. She hears about the perfect client: An elderly woman; rich, forgetful…and more importantly: no family…or that’s what she thought. Her life is thrown into chaos when her only son, a mob boss comes asking questions about why his mother is being held against her own free will in a care home.

Co-starring Peter Dinklage as the mob boss, Diane Wiest and Macon Blair, I Care A Lot is a dark and odd comedy that may be a bit too odd for some. And, man, it was great to see Diane Wiest again. She did not disappoint.


Riz Ahmed stars as a metal drummer who tours out of a van with his girlfriend. During their recent tour, Ruben learns that he is going to lose his hearing. The film follows his journey which is fuelled by bitterness, anger, resentment and acceptance.

The acting in this film is just off the charts. Riz Ahmed’s powerful performance is equally heartwarming as it is heartbreaking.

Don’t be expecting any action with this one. Sound Of Metal is as dramatic as they come but it sure does pack a punch.

After watching, I went and checked out some reviews and I was surprised to find complaints about the sound design. I thought the sound design was perfect but I guess I can get why some people wouldn’t like it. We get to hear (or not hear) what the character is going through; from the ringing in the ears to the full-on deafening silence. Then, just out of nowhere in what would seem like a normal establishing shot in any other film, there’s almost a piercing clarity and an explosion of sound. We get to hear this, our lead character doesn’t. It really made you appreciate the tiny little things that we all take for granted every day.

A lot of actors in Sound of Metal is from the deaf community. One of the leads in the film (Paul Raci) grew up with deaf parents. He is a prominent figure in the deaf community and also performs in an ASL (American Sign Language) Sabbath tribute band called Hands of Doom.


Another drama, this time starring Jodie Foster, Benedict Cumberbatch Tahar Rahim & Shailene Woodley

This film has popped up in a few groups on social media so I decided to take the plunge and watch it. Based on a shocking true story, The Mauritanian tells the story of the false imprisonment of Mohamedou Ould Slahi by the American government. Jodie Foster plays the lawyer who takes on the case to prove his innocence.

We have seen a similar plot in a thousand movies but this was a frightening watch. I was hoping it wasn’t gonna be another film with the Americans being made out to be heroes defending freedom and it wasn’t. I am not familiar with the true story but the film came across as factual and truthful.

The performances were great all-round but without a doubt, it was Tamir Rahim that held the torch in The Mauritanian.

Well, that’s it for this list of newly released films on Amazon Prime Video. As always, thanks for reading.

Article by GG
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

After Army Of The Dead get ready for loads more Zombie action from Netflix

It’s getting closer, the wait is almost over – Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is almost here, but that ain’t all we’re getting!

It looks like Netflix have high hopes for Zack Snyder’s upcoming zombie film Army of The Dead. It has been announced that a feature-length prequel to Army of the Dead is on the way also. And not only that, we will be treated to a wonderful 4-part animated series that takes us back to the origin of infection.

As I have said before, Army of the Dead has been around a long time. In fact, it was written just 4-years after the release of Snyder’s DOTD remake. It has been on a shelf since 2008. So, just my personal opinion, I think when Snyder wrote Army of the Dead then it was at least set in the same universe as DOTD. Now those rumours are said not to be true. But, if it was a sequel, prequel or set in the same universe as Dawn of the Dead, then that would destroy or mess up the plans for more movies. And we know what more movies means?…more cash and BOOM – a franchise! Army of the Dead is now a standalone film with no ties to an already owned franchise.

Very little information is available but I can tell you that they are happening: A feature-length movie and an animated series, both prequels to Snyder’s upcoming zombie film Army of the Dead.

More Zombie Action Coming From Netflix in 2021

We should also see the return of the fantastic zombie series Black Summer as it returns for a second season.

If you haven’t checked out Black Summer then please do. I really enjoyed it despite reading some really bad reviews for it. A great approach to the zombie apocalypse that focuses way more than the action than the soap opera-style drama. Stephen King also gave it a special mention on Twitter recently.

No details regarding the release for the new season but it is said to be dropping sometime this year.

More from the great Kingdom

South Korean zombie series, Kingdom will also be returning with a special feature-length episode called Kingdom: Ashin of the North ahead of the third season. The special one-off episode will be an origin story of the resurrection flower.

In the meantime, Army of the Dead will release on Netflix on May 21st. The teaser trailer drops this Thursday!

Survivors Take All

As always, thanks for reading

Words by GG
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker


Review: H.P Lovecraft’s The Colour Out Of Space

Finally, I got the chance to see one of my most anticipated films from the last year, an adaptation of H.P Lovecraft’s The Colour Out Of Space

The Colour Out Of Space was a film that had my complete attention from the early stages of pre-production.


The Gardner’s have just moved to a new house in the country which they have just inherited. Not long after their big move, and just before settling down to some alpaca farming, a meteorite falls from the sky and lands in their backyard.

From the moment that the meteorite touches the ground, things start to change, the animals start to change…and now the Gardner’s are starting change.

That is all I will tell you about the story. I will let you witness this craziness for yourself.


I really enjoyed The Colour Out Of Space. I wish that I loved it, I really wanted to love it, but…

When I first listened to the audiobook, I remember being fuckin’ terrified. To the best of my knowledge, and maybe I am wrong but there was no humour involved. definitely, no alpacas. What I wanted was a full-on sci-fi body-horror, and for some part of the film, this is exactly what we get. However, there was just a bit too much humour, and when Cage went full “rage”, apart from a few really tense scenes, he brings too much “Cage” to the role…if that makes sense.

I am certain that Cage is capable of dropping what people expect of him and give us something truly terrifying and dark. Sadly, The Colour out Of space wasn’t the performance that I was hoping for. The best performance in the movie, in my opinion, was Joely Richardson.

In the Lovecraft story, he describes the “Colour” as something unearthly, a Colour never seen before by the human eye. This was going to impossible to achieve from a filmmaking aspect. So, what they have done is give us beautiful vibrant colours that we all know exist only to have them interchanging, mind-fuckingly morphing so they are never the same colour. The result is pretty much indescribable which is a huge compliment to the cinematographer and Visual FX Team. I am sure this is what they set out to achieve.

I would still highly recommend The Colour Out Of Space. Even though there were a couple of things that I complained about. The aspects of the films that I didn’t quite enjoy could be the best bit of cinema in the world or someone else. It is still one hell of an adaptation, Lovecraft would be proud.

Another solid entry from XYZFilms and Spectrevision


Take out the humour and some alpaca screentime, you can’t fault The Colour Out Of Space
Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

Films To Check Out On Amazon Prime Before They’re Gone

Here is a list of films that have a limited time on Amazon Prime. There is a little bit of everything and hopefully something for everyone. I hope you enjoy, let’s get cracking!


This film has been running around my brain for the last few months. There is also an Amazon Original called Undone that uses very similar animation to what we see in the adaptation of Phillip K Dick’s, A Scanner Darkly.

Directed by Richard Linklater and starring an all-star cast including Keanu Reeves, Woody Harrellson, Wynona Ryder, and Robert Downey Jnr.

The film focuses on a cop that is investigating a new, weird, dangerous and mind-altering drug.


I had the pleasure of reviewing Danish indie flick Darkland when it was it played at Fantasia International Film Festival

The film tells the story of Ziad, a surgeon who takes a dark path of vengeance when his brother is killed by a local gang.

My only complaint would be some pacing issues but if you can see past that then there is a lot to love about Darkland


One of the finest comedies I have seen in quite a while. Starring Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz and John C Reilly. The film all takes place inside one apartment and would make an awesome play if one hasn’t already been made.

An incident with a child ignites the war to end all wars between to prove whose child is innocent.


This one has been on my watchlist for a long time. It is one of those movies that I knew that would grim, so I need to be in a “grim” sort of state of mind to want to watch it

At the end of World War 2, Danish soldiers have captured the remaining Nazi’s soldiers. But these Nazis aren’t like anything we have previously seen in movies, they are children. There are scared and frightened children with most of them clueless to why they were fighting in the first place.

These kids are tasked with the impossible mission of deactivating over 2 million live mines that the Nazis planted during the war. With very little training they sent out knowing that any minute could be their last.


Starring Saoirse Ronan & Gemma Arterton and directed by Interview With The Vampire director Neil Jordan. Byzantium is an unusual yet refreshing take on the vampire tale.

Two female vampires take refuge in a small coastal seaside town. The oldest of the two runs a brothel to lure and kill her victims while the youngest vampire takes a more sympathetic approach to kill her victims.

This is a superior vampire film that and a much-needed injection of darkness into a sub-genre that Hollywood has left an unforgivable stench on.


You don’t have to look at Joker to know that Joaquin Phoenix is a tremendous actor. Buffalo Soldiers was released in 2001 and the guy was just as good to watch back then as he is now.

The film focuses on Ray Elwood, an American soldier that operates a Blackmarket organisation when stationed in Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

That is it for this list of Films with A Limited Time On Amazon Prime. I hope you check out the ones you haven’t seen before they’re gone. As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker


Best Of Amazon Prime Horror PART TWO!

OK, so I am back with the next instalment for – Best Of Horror On Amazon Part 2. There are 188 pages of horror movies on Prime, so this could end up being a monster of an article. Part three to follow, I hope you enjoy.


Matt Dillon takes on his darkest role to date as a serial killer in Lars Von Triers, The House That Jack Built.

An acquired taste, blunt, nasty and brutal af. If you’re familiar with Von Trier’s style of filmmaking then you will find a lot to love about this one.

Dillon is fantastic and although what we are seeing onscreen is some of the nastiest kills to come out of the serial killer sub-genre in recent years, it is also darkly comical. I found myself giggling to scenes that probably shouldn’t have been funny. That’s Matt Dillion for you, the man is just a joy to watch.


This really reminded me of Spanish Thriller, Sleep Tight, which, as you know is one of my favourite horror films. There are similarities but the tone and pace are far different from Sleep Tight.

An estate agent called Hussein is targeted by a man who sleeps in between the walls of his small, cramped London apartment.

When Hussien is at home, the creep is inside of walls or laying under his bed listening to everything that goes on. When Hussein leaves for work, our creepo is doing some of the nastiest shit you can imagine. He wants to destroy Hussien…and he is doing a great job at it.


This still remains one of my favourite creature-features. From what I can remember, it is also based on a terrifying true story.

Two tourists who are travelling through the Australian Outback get capsised on a swamp. They become the next meal menus for one giant Croc (or Gator).

Minimal cast, and not a lot of gruesomeness that you’d expect from a creature-feature. It is seriously tense though, it reminded me of Open Water (which I know a lot you hated) only with a giant croc instead of sharks.


Directed and co-written by none other than Guillermo Del Toro. Released in 2001, The Devil’s Backbone was sure proof that Del Toro was going to be a key player in the horror industry.

Set during the Spanish civil war, The Devil’s Backbone tells the tragic story of a young orphaned boy named Carlos. After losing his father in the war he is thrown into failing and rundown orphanage.

There’s a constant threat of war always overshadowing the orphanage, an unexploded bomb lying in the middle of their play area. It’s not a nice place, but the people who run it really try to help the children as best they can. As if the desolate and dangerous orphanage wasn’t enough, Carlos is then haunted by the ghost of a murdered orphan. This ghost tells Carlos that there will be many deaths as the war is approaching fast.


Although I am sure that everyone and their grandmothers have seen Wolf Creek, it still makes my Best of Amazon Horror Part 2 as it still remains one of my favourites to this day.

Two tourists are attacked, captured and tortured by a hardcore, insane version of Crocodile Dundee.

I am pretty sure Wolf Creek was one of the first horror movies with a minimal cast. Back then, I was so used to seeing (and loving) a huge body-count. Even though there were only two victims in Wolf Creek, by the end of this nasty little Ozzy flick, I really wanted at them to survive.


Ok, I have not seen this one in years. I do remember this one being one of the better possession films though. A young country girl gets possessed by a demon and her parents try and fight to save her soul and bring her back from the devil’s unholy.

Nothing new at all in regards to an original plot but Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) was so damn good. I found this to be more unsettling than The Exorcist, but as I said, it has been years since I have seen it. I don’t know who well it has aged.


Another Australian flick, and another creature-feature with crocs. Rogue though, unlike Black Water offers us plenty of crocs munching humans.

The usual story of a group of tourist who gets capsized and ends up targeted by a giant man-eating croc.

This had some great FX. It is far from scary but it is a lot of fun with a lot of annoying characters that you love watching getting torn to shreds.


Directed and co-written by Ben Wheatley. Starring Michael Smiley and Neil Maskell as two hitmen who receive a kill-list of hits. The further they go down the list the further they both descend into madness.

Again, I don’t think this film will be for everyone but if you enjoyed movies like The Wicker Man, then maybe you should give it s shot.


I Am Not A Serial Killer is a black horror/comedy about a teenager called John Cleaver who is obsessed with death and serial killers. In fact, he is at counselling because his mother (who works in a morgue) can see his lack of empathy for living things, he has all of the traits of a budding serial killer.

When a serial killer starts to kill in his hometown, Max is both fascinated and scared that he is going to go down for the murders. He sets out to find out who the killer suspects it’s his neighbour, Mr Crowley (Christopher Llyod) while trying to keep his own homicidal tendencies locked away inside of him.


Excision is an unusual horror movie if even a horror movie at all. The story of a teen girl who goes to desperate lengths to please her controlling and possessive mother.

This is another film that I would say would not be for everyone. It’s very macabre, arty and full of icky scenes. Another flick I believe would not be for everyone.

That’s it for The Best Of Amazon Horror Part 2. Make sure to check back soon for part 3. As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble 
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

The Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime – Part 1

I recently re-subscribed to Amazon Prime and I am glad I did. My absence from the streaming platform allowed them to rebuild their film and TV library. So, now I have loads of new & old stuff to share with you all.

I have decided to break these posts up and separate them into genres. So, I am sure you won’t be surprised that “horror” is the first genre to be covered. Here’s Part 1. Enjoy.


It was hard to believe that Hereditary was he directorial debut from Ari Aster. The film chilled me to the bone and was a welcomed and superior edition to the haunted house sub-genre.

These days, well to me anyway, haunted house movies rely totally on jump scares to fuel the story. Films like The Conjuring & Insidious actually take your hand and hold it for you. You know when these scares are going to happen because it is just so damn obvious.

A wife, husband and their two kids become victim to violent paranormal occurrences when their grandmother dies.

Also, check out my review for Aster’s bizarre second feature MIDSOMMAR


The remake of Dario Argento’s 1978 horror classic. Suspiria stars Chole Grace Mortez, Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton. The story is centred around a dance company and its members.

A great retelling o this classic story but probably would not be for everyone. There’s a certain artistic style that some viewers may find too artsy. I think this is a film that you need to judge for yourself. Don’t listen to what others say, you might be surprised. And, hey! it’s on Amazon Prime, so you might as well give it a shot

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke provides us with a haunting, original soundtrack.


Guy Pearce gives one of his most haunting performances as The Reverend in Martin Koolhoven’s Brimstone. With an equally impressive strong performance from Dakota Fanning, Brimstone is a dark and unsettling entry into new-wave gruesome westerns such as Bone Tomahawk.

I believe the less you know about this one the better. If you haven’t seen it yet be prepared to be mesmerised in nearly every scene, then broken-down and have your soul destroyed.

Co-starring Kit Harrington (Game Of Thrones) and Carice van Houten (Game Of Thrones) Emilia Jones (High Rise).


Starring Michael Fassbender and Kelly Reily. To this day, Eden Lake is still a movie that hits you right in the gut. A truly satisfying horror film that leaves you feeling distraught and empty inside. A film that lingers in the back of your mind for years after watching it.

A simple premise about a couple who go for a peaceful break in the woods. Their romantic getaway is cut short when they are attacked and hunted by a group of young, very dangerous hooligans.

Everything about Eden Lake is great. Not only do we have two fantastic performances from Fassbender and Riley, but the young supporting cast is equally as good with a young Jack O’Connell delivering a spine-chilling performance as a budding psychopathic killer.


The Babadook, in my opinion, one of the strongest directorial debuts in history. Directed and written by Jennifer Kent, The Babadook won the hearts of horror lovers from around the world. The thing is though, it is not quite a horror film but more of a psychological drama about love, loss, guilt and primarily mental illness.

Getting released soo is Jennifer Kent’s second feature The Nightingale. It looks superb so make sure to check back for more information on that one.


I am so happy to find this one on Amazon Prime, The Body is a Spanish mystery/horror/thriller that I had trouble finding for years. The film follows a detective who is looking for a dead body that has disappeared from the morgue.

A brilliant and dark thriller, with exceptional performances from all of the cast. Full of unpredictable twists, with an ending no one will see coming.

Directed and co-written by Oriol Paulo, writer of The Invisible Guest and Julia’s Eyes.


This is one of my all-time favourite infection/virus/outbreak movies. I thought this was a genius idea and a fresh approach to what we usually get in that sub-genre.

Made on a shoe-string budget, Right At Your Door tells the story of a Dirty Bomb being detonated in L.A. Unknown chemicals force the military to put a quarantine into place which separates husband and wife, Brad and Lexi.

Brad seals off the house and makes it airtight. His wife is locked outside and he can’t let the woman he loves inside for fear of infection or contamination.

Tense and brilliantly made independent cinema.

That’s it for part one. Make sure to check back soon for part 2. As Always, thanks for reading.

Word by Gary Gamble 
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

Upcoming Netflix Originals To Look Forward To – Moviehooker

Some new Netflix originals that have arrived or will be arriving soon

A brand new list featuring some of the best new Netflix originals that should be on your radar. When this list was initially started, all and these titles were unreleased. Now, when will am finally getting back to finishing it, we have two of the titles released. They will still be on the list though as both entries, as expected, were solid AF


New Netflix The Night Comes For Us poster

It’s no secret that I have been waiting year’s to witness the brutality of Timo Tjahanto’s The Night Comes For Us. A film that was plagued and sat in development hell for many a year.

Great to see streaming giants Netflix pick this one up and get it out there for us all to see.

Action scenes supposedly directed by Gareth Evans, choreographed by Iko Uwais, who also stars. The Night Comes For Us will be primarily directed by one half of the Mo Brothers, Timo Tjahanto, who gave us the fabulous HEADSHOT

Apostle (just released)

New Netflix Apostle Gareth Evans Netflix Poster

Gareth Evans takes a break from the bone-breaking world he has created with The Raid movies to tackle the horror genre.

I posted the trailer on here not so long ago. If it is anything to go by then it looks like this man can master the art of horror and suspense as well as face-crunching martial arts.

Dan Stevens (The Guest) stars as a man on a mission to rescue his sister from a dangerous cult.

Landed on Netflix, October 12th



I am really excited about this new Netflix film. Velvet Buzzsaw reunites director Dan Gilroy and actor Jake Gyllenhaal. This is their first time working together since the magnificent NIGHTCRAWLER.

Not a lot is known about the plot. The film focuses on a woman who becomes famous after stealing artwork from a dead neighbour. She has to live with the guilt that she has stolen the art from a corpse. All the fame she gained is far from her own.

The film is a horror movie so expect shit to get weird.



Some hate the idea, some are welcome to it. The movie that scarred the minds of all of us as children is set to have a new Netflix makeover.

I don’t know why someone thinks it’s a good idea to try and traumatise a whole new generation of children. Not only that but reopening those old wounds of all of us scarred by the original.


I know a lot of people who will be loving this. Me, not so much. Yeah, I enjoy it but I think it got hyped into hyperspace. It’s a mad story alright, obviously, our minds are about to go Making A Murderer mental once again.

I lost interest in the first series as the show went on. Apparently, we have some new plot twists in the case that will take us all by surprise and blow our minds.

Making A Murderer is no doubt a superior documentary but to this day my favourite doc still remains: Dear Zachary

You can read about Dear Zachary and other great documentaries in




New Netflix Haunting Of Hill House

This new Netflix series is from director Mike Flanagan (Hush). I have to say that I am a little sceptical, even before its release, this new Netflix series has already got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Maybe this is going to be the most terrifying Netflix series of all time. Based on a book of the same name.

I have started this and a review will surely follow. I can confirm that this is one hell of a creepy series. It has been a long time since the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, this series did just that.


New Netflix The Dogs Of Berlin

This is the second Netflix produced original from Germany, with the first one being, Dark. I have just read that this is due for release on December 7th,

Two crooked cops get brought together and thrown into the seedy Berlin underworld after the murder of a Turkish football player.


New Netflix The Irishman

This has been years in the making. Martin Scorsese is back to his roots (I hope) in new gangster movie The Irishman. Based on a true story,

Scorsese has managed to get a lot of his dream team back together for The Irishman including the legendary Joe Pesci.


New Netflix THE KING

I really didn’t have to read much for this new Netflix film to make the list.

Directed by David Michod with a screenplay written by Joel Edgerton. I am sure you all know that Michod and Edgerton gave us the amazing Aussie family gangster movie Animal Kingdom, not to mention, the fantastic Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce starring, The Rover.


Starring Ben Affleck and Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, Adria Arjona, Pedro Pascal, and Oscar Isaac. Triple Frontier seems to have served a long stint in development hell.

Production for this new Netflix film was first green-lit in 2010 with Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks in talks to play the lead roles. Kathyrn Bigelow was onboard to direct. Later, Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy were then in talks to star but that fell through. Then Ben Affleck joined, then he left…then he joined again. Now we are left with the cast mentioned above.

Sounds like this could be a great watch and one to look forward to. Triple Frontier is about a group of mercenaries brought together to bring down a South African drug lord



Three New Horrors That You Will Be Hearing About Very Soon!

A short list of upcoming horror movies that you will be hearing about very soon

Ok, let’s get to this. This list of upcoming horror movies has grabbed my attention and put them on my horror-radar. I hope you all feel the same as I do.


Upcoming horror BLOODLINE
I am a sucker for an awesome poster

Blumhouse has been rocking it lately. I don’t find their movies to be the scariest (I am into some twisted stuff) but when I see the “Blumhouse” logo appear, I can almost guarantee that we’re in for a fun ride.

Bloodline is an upcoming horror movie that stars Sean William Scott, a name I have not heard in a while. I have never had a problem with Scott’s acting, it was just the movies he has been cast in. I am always up for watching an actor out of their comfort zone and trying new things.

So what is Bloodline about? (plot from Wiki)

Evan values family above all else, and anyone who gets between him, his wife, and newborn son learns that the hard way. But when it comes to violent tendencies, it seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Upcoming Horror TRAUMA
Prepared to be scarred

The screener is waiting to be viewed and to be honest, I am a little worried. I know of someone who has seen this upcoming horror, and if he says it’s fucked up…I believe him. My review will be live in the next day or two.

This could be one of the most extreme horrors to hit our screens in recent times. In fact, it is very rare that I receive a warning with a screener, especially from the great Artsploitation Films –  it read: “Only For Hardcore Horror Fans”.

What’s it about?!

4 friends on vacation in Chile are abducted and attacked by two crazy locals, a father and his son. The friends soon realise that this twisted family have ties to the darkest period in Chilean history.

Expect torture and war crimes inflicted on these poor lost souls….holiday goers will never learn, will they?


Upcoming horror FRAMED

You know what else I am a sucker for?, Home Invasion movies. Why?, I dunno, I told you, I am into some pretty horrific stuff. My favourite Home Invasion movie to this date would have to be a Spanish movie called, Kidnapped. This what I base my Home Invasion movies on, I probably shouldn’t though as it will be hard to beat the brutality and depravity  Miguel Ángel Vivas‘ 2010 shocker.

So, Framed tells the story of a group of unlucky individuals who get attacked by three thugs looking to play cruel and sadistic games with them. I guess the difference with this and other HI movies is that it’s all about the internet. The torturing and sadistic games are streamed live on the Web.

I have read one review, and man, it was glowing, a straight-up 10/10. I only hope this wasn’t written by someone involved with the movie as he/she really sold it to me. We will just have to wait and see…it is Spanish so, to me, that sounds promising.

Hope you enjoyed the new upcoming horror movie list. If you did, then please take the time to share on social media – it helps a lot. As always, thanks for reading.


Words by Gary Gamble

Owner/Founder/BigCheese @ Moviehooker



New Thrillers That Need Your Attention – Moviehooker

Back again, this time with a list of new or recently released thrillers. Hope you enjoy.

In my last list of upcoming movies, I focused on new thillers in Asian cinema. This time, I will be focusing on new thrillers happening around the globe. Some titles have already been released with some releasing soon. Hope you find a few films to hook yourself up with.


New Thrillers

Already available, this Netflix original caught my attention because of the director. The Warning is the new film by Daniel Calparsoro. If that name doesn’t ring any bells, he is the director of the fantastic The Fury Of A Patient Man, a beautifully crafted, dark and wonderfully acted slow-burning revenge thriller.

The Warning was a good watch, but the story is quite a hard one to follow. Basically, it’s about a man who finds numerical patterns in crimes. After his friend, David is shot in the head after a botched gang hit or assassination he learns that there have been similar crimes taking place in the same spot over the years.

As I said, it was a good watch but The Fury Of A Patient Man was always going to be a hard one to beat. I can’t fault any of the acting or direction, in fact, I really appreciated Calparsoro taking a completely different approach with his next feature.  This could have been better in my eyes, but it’s still a solid film and entertaining viewing.

JOURNAL 64 (Denmark)

New Thrillers

This could be my favourite from this list of new thrillers. Why? because this is a franchise that is has gone from strength-to-strength. This will mark the fourth instalment of the hugely popular, amazingly constructed crime series known as, Department Q. Two cops who work from a basement, reopen old cold cases and try to solve old murders, unearthing new secrets to bring the murderers to justice.

Like the 3 previous features, Journal 64 is based on a book by Jussi Adler-Olsen. I have said many a time before, I am not a big reader but the films are so dark and gritty, I find myself wanting to hunt them down to make comparisons.

Not a lot is known about the story (unless you have read the book that is). The cold case these guys are dealing with dates back to 1987 when they realise that a lot of disappearances are connected to one man. That’s all I need to know.

Not only are these superior Euro-crime films but they also feature one of the best cop partnerships in the genre.


New Thrillers

The plot of La Jauria really reminds me of Saw or at least one of the traps that feature in a Saw movie.  A group of men wake up in a car that has been set up to make it look like multiple suicides by carbon monoxide poisoning. They’re chained with no chance of escape and have no idea how they got there or what their connection to one another is.

This will obviously be a “race against the clock” movie. No doubt with a storyline like this there will twists and turns aplenty.

There is something special to me about a film that features a minimal cast. It’s hard to keep the viewers’ attention without some clever writing/direction/acting. This looks like it may tick all the boxes.


This is the only English-language feature on this list. Feedback is directed by Pedro C. Alonso and it looks to be his English-language debut, it may even be his feature-length debut.

Now, here’s the thing – I can find no information whatsoever about this movie. I can find the cast, director and writer but nothing else.

Thankfully, the above three reasons are more than enough to put this on our radar. Feedback has been described as a horror/thriller. It also stars the wonderful Eddie Marsan. The film is co-written by Alberto Marini who served as a producer on [REC]. He is also co-writer of one of the creepiest, effective horror movies EVER released, Sleep Tight. Marini’s English-language debut Summer Camp failed to impress me. I was hoping for something along the lines of [REC] but unfortunately, it fell flat on its ass. The finished product was something mediocre and something we have seen a thousand times before. He is still a very talented writer though so I have faith in Feedback.

The final selling point: the poster has someone holding an axe. I sure hope it’s Marsan.

New Thrillers

With a name like The Year Of The Plague, it’s easy to see why this makes the list. Described as a fantasy/comedy/adventure. The film follows a guy called Victor who has just ended his relationship with one girl to start fresh with someone new.

The hopes of a new relationship are put to the test when an unexplainable virus starts to possess everyone around him. Victor must use his knowledge of 80’s tv shows and movies to fight this new plague and save his new girl.

It sounds like it could be an entertaining watch but I can’t find anything apart from a poor IMDb page. The only decent information I got was from FilmAffinity, so a  big thanks to them.

This director maybe is definitely someone I need to look into more. He is featured in two of the 5-movies on this list. I have read more into his filmography and found ZULO. It has quite a poor score on IMDb but it sounds like my sort of film.

That’s it for this list. As always, thanks for reading.


Best Movies Based on True Stories

Best Movies Based on True Stories


Powerful Tales


Cinema is powerful. A great story can change the world. As history has shown us, one perspective shift can cause some profound effects in people. Good movies can make us question reality (The Matrix), or imagine another exotic one in the not-too-distant future (Star Wars).


However, the most impactful stories ever told, are usually the ones that are based on true stories. There are so many good movies out there, but there is something that really hits home when you know a story is based on true events. That is why we put together a list of the best movies that are based on true stories:


The Imitation Game – An exciting and remarkable ride that follows the true story of Alan Turing, a computer scientist that spends the war trying to crack the Nazi enigma code that they used to send important encoded messages during the war. Turing was considered a genius, but also it was told he was extremely difficult to work with. His colleagues said that he was very arrogant, and this story shows how Turing had to conquer both his social and mathematical issues in order to successfully crack the Nazi Enigma code.


300 – This is another excellent historical war movie that is engrossing and empowering. 300 focuses on the true story of King Leonidas, the Spartan famous for leading 300 men in an awe-inspiring stand against the endless army of Persia at the Battle of Thermopylae. This battle took place in 480 BC, and the movie covering it is full of spectacular aesthetics and heart-pounding choreographed combat.


Into the Wild – This is a movie that centres around one man’s spiritual journey into nature. The film is about a man with all of the material possessions you could want, forsaking it all to go into the wild and live his dream. This is based on a true story, making it even more inspiring. Christopher Mccandless abandons his position as a top student, athlete, and donates his considerable savings to charity to go on a trek into Alaska. This movie is about man’s desire to transcend the material world.


Titanic – It is no surprise that this made the list of movies based on true stories. The Titanic is a harrowing story about the tragedy of the doomed tanker. Designed and believed to be unsinkable, the Titanic did just that. The Titanic movie is part romance, part tragedy, and part historical documentary. A harrowing tale that is well told, the movie resonates even more because of how accurate it was to the actual sinking.


Apocalypse Now – Another emotional war movie, Apocalypse Now is based on the famous book Heart of Darkness, which documented the author’s real-life experiences as a captain in the Vietnam war. The movie covers Captain Willard’s experience with a mission to infiltrate Cambodia and assassinate a renegade colonel that has elevated himself to god status to a local tribe. What ensues is a look into the deepest ugliness present in the human heart. Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail