Disturbing Asian Movies From Japan You May Have Missed

With My Recent List Of New, Asian Movies To Look Out For. I Thought I Would Keep The Ball Rolling And Focus On Disturbing Asian Movies From Japan You May Have Missed

We all know how big of fans we are here at Moviehooker for the more extreme side of cinema. Usually, I turn to disturbing Asian movies when I am looking to freak myself out. I like films to leave their mark on me and no one quite does that better than Asia. Let’s get to it, I hope you enjoy.

CHO AKUNIN (2011, Japan)

disturbing asian movies

Disturbing Asian Movies 
You May Have Missed

Ok, I am starting off with a really hardcore flick. This film is bound to leave you feeling sick, especially if you’re a female.

There ain’t a lot of Found-Footage movies coming out of Asia, so I say the realism in Cho Akunin (Hyper Villian) is just shocking. The film is about a serial-rapist who contacts a local criminal magazine to boast about the number of victims he has had through the years. He claims to have raped 107 victims over a ten-year period. He then offers the magazine an exclusive interview and also the chance to record him raping his 108th victim.

I actually don’t know I could watch this, definitely not a movie for date night. I could probably watch this if it was set anywhere other than Japan. The level of graphic, disturbing, domestic violence to come out of that country really does leave you feeling uncomfortable.

FOE (2013, Japan)

(Cant find an image)

Disturbing Asian Movies 
You May Have Missed

I have searched to see if I can find any detailed plot or reviews for Foe, but I couldn’t find anything. The film was released in 2013, and it seems like an interesting plot. The film is about a small class who are shooting a commercial. The group and filmmakers are then attacked by two teenage girls.

A premise not really shown a lot in cinema is having our two killers to be teenage girls. Again, I have no doubt in my mind that this will hit a nerve. It has a solid IMDb rating but there are no reviews. I think it sounds pretty unique, so it goes on the list.

Another reason I think this will disturb us is that it’s from Koji Shiraishi. You may remember his name as he was the director of the highly controversial torture movie Grotesque. I loved Grotesque, not because it had an amazing plot, it was just sick AF. It lived up to its title and was banned for a long time by the BBFC due to its cruel and sadistic content.

OCCULT (2009, Japan)

Disturbing Asian Movies

Disturbing Asian Movies 
You May Have Missed

Ok, when trying to find information on the above-mentioned film, I found another film from the same director. It is listed as being released in 2009, the same year as Grotesque.

Described as a mockumentary, the film follows our twisted director as he interviews the only survivor from an attack. The survivor has a huge scar on his back that the murderer left, but he has also been filming rare supernatural occurrences on his mobile phone.

Reading some reviews, Occult seems to be a fine blend of supernatural horror and some sort of serial killer.  I have a lot of time for this man, as he just doesn’t care and goes straight for our jugular- If you’re a fan of some shaky phone-cam, documentary-style horror then I would be hunting this down.

CURE (1997, Japan)

Disturbing Asian Movies

Disturbing Asian Movies 
You May Have Missed

Ok, I have read nothing but amazing reviews for, Cure. It actually popped up recently when I was browsing the web. I am almost certain that Cure is getting a new restored release. That is something I am really looking forward to. The featured image in this article is from Cure and even that one still is enough to disturb you.

The film focuses on a detective (maybe two) that have to investigate a series of grisly murders. The people accused of these horrendous crimes have no recollection of committing the murders.

SERPENTS PATH (1998, Japan)

Disturbing Asian Movies

Disturbing Asian Movies
 You May Have Missed


Another film from Kiyoshi Kurosawa, the director of, Cure. This one looks too dark af as well. I have no idea how these films got past me, but I am so glad I have found some new disturbing flicks to hook both myself, and you up with.

This film is about a man who hires his friend to plan out the perfect revenge on the man who killed his daughter.

Two interesting lead characters are really what has me excited about this one. One of them is an ex-Yakuza; the other a very intelligent maths professor. We will have the brutality of a Yakuza hell-bent on getting revenge for his murdered daughter. The other guy will be planning out this crime to perfection, using his mathematically genius brain.

There were two films that this director released back-to-back that both had revenge at the centre of the plot. The other film was called Eyes Of The Spider. The word on the street is that Serpent’s Path is the darker of the two.

A RECORD OF SWEET MURDER  (2014, Japan, South Korea)

Disturbing Asian Movies

Disturbing Asain Movies 
You May Have Missed

Another found-footage type horror/serial killer drama. I know is aid this was focusing on Japanese movies, but this is both a Japanese/https://moviehooker.com/asian-cinema/korean-horrors-thrillers-moviehooker/ production.

A Japanese reporter receives a phone call from a man who has broken out of a mental institution. He was detained there for the murder of 18-people. The murderer wants the reporter to conduct an interview in which he explains the gruesome crimes he has committed. They then find out that the killer has been lying about the number of victims he has slaughtered and that he may need to kill more people.

I really hope you enjoyed this list. Please consider sharing to hook more like-minded people up some awesome disturbing Japanese cinema.

As always, thanks for reading.


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