Japanese Manga Classic PARASYTE Anime Now Streaming On Netflix

Parasyte, the mind-bending, shape-shifting original Anime is now streaming on Netflix UK/Ireland

Parasyte is a horror/sci-fi Manga which was written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki. The series ran for 7-years between 1988-1995. It has since been adapted into an Anime and also 2 live-action films. The anime is now on Netflix UK/Ireland for us all to enjoy.

It focuses on a high school student named Shinichi Izumi that lives with his parents in Tokyo. One night an alien invasion takes place. Parasitic worm-like aliens fall to earth and find new hosts in humans by burrowing into their ears or nose. When Shinichi lays sleeping with headphones on, he wakes up with one of these parasitic worms trying to get into his body. Unable to get into ears or nose, this quick-thinking little worm quickly burrows his way into Shinichi’s right hand. When he wakes the next day, he has lost total control of his right hand. Because the Parasyte couldn’t get into Shinichi’s brain and take control, Shinichi is able to keep his own thoughts but his hand has its own personality. He names his new one-hand-army companion Miji (Japanese for “right”)

I really enjoyed the live-action movies but have been waiting on the Anime to come my way. Miji is able to morph into any sort of bladed weapon and remove heads, limbs or any part of the enemy that poses a threat to Migi and his best pal, Shinichi. And, there is plenty of threat from the other Parasytes when they realise that Shinichi has still got control of his own brain. An unusual partnership is formed to eradicate the alien threat and stop the rest of mankind from becoming worm food.

I am so loving Netflix at the minute.

Due to my constant need of crazy Asian cinema, I think I may have opened some sort dark portal to all of these amazing titles. I am definitely not complaining. I am loving every second of it. This lockdown ain’t too bad when you know you’ve so much quality content lined-up.

As always, thanks for reading. Now go enjoy yourself some Parasyte on Netflix!

Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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