Strangers From Hell: Netflix Review

I am still in shock at how good this South Korean series Strangers From Hell was…I mean JUST WOW! It is so good to be able to write about something that is so weird, so dark, and at times…so brutal!

Strangers From Hell is based on a Webtoon of the same name by Kim Yong Ki

It tells the story of, Yoon Jong-woo (Si-wan Im). A man in his 20s’ and aspiring writer that moves to Seoul to start on his crime novel. He has been set up with a new job as an intern in a theatre arts promo company by his good friend, so things are off to a good start.

After searching tirelessly for an apartment, he finds that everything is out of his budget. Then he comes across an ad for affordable accommodation. It’s a place called the Eden Residence which is run by this sweet, nice old lady. The room is a shithole, there ain’t any other way to describe it. It is cramped, there’s mould, no window and the walls are thinner than paper. As well as a horrible room, Yoon Jong-woo also has to share a bathroom, shower and the kitchen.

It ain’t long before he meets the other residents in Eden and Yoon Jong-woo immediately notices that something is most definitely not right.

I am not gonna go into the characters because I went into this show, blind, not knowing a single thing about the story

That and, of course, it was from South Korea. I don’t say this lightly but for us, fans of SK flicks like I Saw The Devil, The Chaser…all those vicious pieces of cinematic gold, Strangers From Hell has bits of everything. It might seem a little unrealistic at times but when it all comes together, we’re treated to one the strongest psychological thrillers a fan could hope for.

Strangers From Hell consists of 10-episodes. Each episode lasts roughly an hour. And, man what a finale. Trust me, stop what you’re doing and start your binge!

This Netflix series defo gets full marks – no joke – a solid 10/10

GG – Moviehooker

Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker


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