Time To Hunt: Netflix Review

Although not quite perfect…but nearly. South Korean Netflix Original, Time To Hunt is still way more enjoyable than any action film I have seen in quite a while

What’s Time To Hunt About?

Set in the not so distant future, South Korea is on the brink of financial collapse. The cities are now run-down slums with crime more prominent than ever with people doing whatever they can to survive

A small group of friends decide that it would be a great idea to rob a gambling joint. Their reasoning behind this is that the casino is run illegally so that means they can’t involve the cops. Great idea, yeah? nope. If South Korean cinema has taught us anything throughout the years, the cops are the last people you need to worry about. What starts off as a solid plan quickly turns to shit, when the next day, the owner of the casino puts a ruthless killer on their tracks to retrieve the stolen money. They are now being hunted.

The acting in Time To Hunt is powerful with not one bad performance from any of the cast. The lighting throughout the movie is wonderfully Refn, creating an uncomfortable, uneasy sort of ambience for us viewers. I have read some reviews where people were complaining about the script. Folks, this is an action movie, and with action movies usually comes a little bit of predictability and cheese.

The gun violence, sound design and camera work and direction were untouchable. So, for the little bits that I did find somewhat predictable or cheesy, it was more than easily forgiven with the level of action we get.

For a 15 certificate film, Time To Hunt has enough bloodshed and chaos to keep any action fan well entertained. Available now on Netflix

Written & directed by Sung-hyun Yoon

Highly reccomended 7.5/10

GG – Moviehooker

As always, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the film.

Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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