There has never been a better time to binge some Netflix. Here is a lockdown list of some high-quality non-english tv shows that you can all enjoy. Some of these are Netflix originals, so they’re available across the globe. For the others, you will have to have Netflix UK/Ireland.

This article is also accompanied by a Moviehooker YouTube video for those of you that can not be bothered to read.


“Wow,” is all I can say. I admit, I haven’t really watched a Russian series before. That is sort of a lie, there is a serial killer series also on Netflix called Method which I have started but it hasn’t gripped me enough for a total binge.

As I mention in the video, Better Than Us reminded me of a few things. Firstly, a British series called Humans; secondly, it reminded me of Blade Runner, as a huge part of the storyline deals with rogue androids and cybercrime, Lastly, it is just one huge Black Mirror episode – it is frighteningly realistic and a sure sight of things to come.

A killer robot called Arisa escapes her facility and makes a young random child called Sonya her primary user. The robot is introduced into the family with them not knowing how dangerous she can be and most of all, what she is capable of doing to protect her new family of primary users.

I think I was around 6-episodes into the season when I thought “fuck, this is amazing, I hope I have a few more episodes before it finishes”. The first season of Better Than us has a staggering 16-episodes, with every episode’s runtime lasting over 50-minutes.


This one is for those of you that like the darker and more sinister side of binging. Smoking, will NOT be for everyone…but it is still damn good and that’s why it makes my first lockdown list

Smoking has one season available on Netflix. It follows a group of hitmen who primarily work for the Yakuza. When a hit is ordered, the hitmen flay their victims, surgically remove the tattooed skin as proof of kill to whoever ordered the hit.


This series just arrived and I am glad I gave it a chance. The official trailer really didn’t do anything for me but the 18c was more than enough to draw me in.

A vampire lives in a dark Paris apartment with her two kids. For being immortal this way of life is just like a vampire “Groundhog Day”. We know from the start that the mother is trying to protect her family from something. Surviving on mainly animal blood on tap, the mother is going to extreme lengths to protect her children. It ain’t long before the vampire “community” intervene and the daughter starts to develop vampire abilities like set her apart from the rest of the bloodsuckers.

Dark, bloody af with a tonne of nudity. Again, I don’t think Vampires is for everyone but for those of you looking for a refreshing take on Vampire folklore…give it a shot!.


I am saying this show is from Sweden but it is also set somewhere in the Middle East. I am not sure where it is set but it ain’t a nice place and is run by ISIS

A young mother called Pervin becomes the main contact and only hope to stop a terrorist attack on Swedish soil.

This series brilliantly portrays the horrendous conditions in which women have to survive in these Islamic-run parts of the world. Just being a woman, everything she does can carry a devasting sentence.

The intensity of this series is just off the charts. One season is available on Netflix


There isn’t an awful lot that I can say about Bloodride as it is a horror anthology series. Each episode is different but all of them are a lot of camp, bloody fun.

Each episode starts off with passengers on a doomed bus journey on its way to hell. We get to see how each passenger on this “Bloodride” met his/her fate.

Bloodride has one season available on Netflix. Add it to your lockdown list.


You guys and girls are very lucky…you do know that, right? All you lucky buggers get to binge 3-fucking-seasons of Occupied, back-to-back. This is a series that I have been waiting like a crackhead for each season to arrive on Netflix.

Norway has discovered a way to provide safe, clean and sustainable energy to all of the world. This means the end of fossil fuels and cutting off main oil supply lines. Russia ain’t happy with Norway’s new discovery and invade their country,

It is up to a small group of resistance fighters called “Free Norway” to forcefully take their country back and put an end to the Russian occupation.

You have 3 seasons to enjoy on Netflix. So, make sure to add Occupied to your lockdown list.


As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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