The Top Ten South Korean TV Shows On Netflix

We are back with another list of awesome content on Netflix. Below, in no particular order are the Top Ten Best South Korean TV Shows On Netflix

If you haven’t already, you should be checking out the amazing South Korean content on Netflix. If you’re a fan of SK films then get ready to be submerged in hours of highly-addictive crime, drama, comedy and horror. These are Moviehooker’s Top Ten Best South Korean TV Shows on Netflix. We hope you enjoy


Ok, chances are, you’ve already checked out Kingdom. But without a shadow of a doubt, it is one of the best things on Netflix

The series focuses on a rare flower that has resurrection powers which bring the dead back to life. Kingdom has a huge budget, full of jaw-dropping set pieces, gore and action. Series two was released last year with a third season coming in 2021

There is also a one-off episode titled Kingdom: Ashin Of The North that will also be released before we get season 3. The one-off special is based on the short Burning Hell and will tell the origin story of the resurrection flower.


A detective is somehow thrown 30-years into the future. While searching for clues in 1986, detective Park Gwang-ho finds himself in modern-day South Korea in 2016.

This show has a bit of everything. A highly-addictive series that ticks all the boxes making this one of the best crime shows there is.


Another K-drama that deals with the past and present. Two detectives, one from the past and one in present-day both work to bring down a serial killer.

The crimes portrayed in Signal are based on the real-life murders that inspired many South Korean films including Bong Joon-ho’s phenomenal Memories of Murder.


The Good Detective focuses on two cops; Oh Ji Hyuk, a fresh graduate from the Korean National Police University and detective Gang Do Chang who is known for his hard work, dedication to the force and conviction records.

When a man is wrongly convicted of the murder of a young woman and sentenced to death Detective Oh Ji Hyuk finds new evidence proving his innocence.

But with this newfound evidence, Detective Gang Do Chang who was the arresting officer must admit that he was wrong. This ignites a search for the truth to free the wrongly convicted man from death row. Detective Gang Do Chang isn’t ready to admit his errors and tries to cover his tracks.

This a brand new Netflix series that just arrived less than a week ago.


Stranger is more of a political drama dealing with corruption from the highest levels of power. The series focuses on prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok as he tries to bring down those responsible for a murder where a man died in a frenzied knife attack.

Our main protagonist is highly intelligent and almost void of any emotion after having an operation as a kid because he was using too much of his brain. The only problem is, he also carries the traits of a psychopath.

Season 2 just landed a couple of months ago.



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