New Korean Serial-Killer Movie THE DEAL Cleans up At Box-office

When we want a great serial killer film then we never have to look any further than S.Korea. These guys are the masters of the genre, always delivering something, dark, gritty and often extremely brutal. Their storylines are gripping, and really well-written and the direction often puts you right into the film. By the end you’re left speechless and it takes some time to sink inane absorb the awesomeness that you just witnessed.

I first heard of The Deal a few months ago, it was in one of my many ‘Upcoming Korean Thrillers To Watch For posts’. I just knew from the moment I read the broken-English plot that, once again, Korea has gone and put every other country shame by releasing another dark & delicious serial-killer movie.

A cop and a father dish out their own form of justice when a serial-killer murders their loved ones.

I don’t really know anything else apart from that, and that is on purpose. I know that this is gonna be one of my fave movies of 2015, so I would like to leave as much as possible to the imagination

The film which recently opened in Korea is beating some of the bigger-budgeted mainstream releases. I will not bore you with the actual figures but let it known that this is a huge thing, and it proves my point further, that we have got another flawless movie piece of cinema coming our way.

As always, thanks for reading.


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