Undying Love: The Raid director to tackle vampires in a new live-action adaptation?

So, while writing a new list of upcoming movies (which is coming soon), I accidentally stumbled on some pretty amazing news: It looks like Gareth Evans is going to be making a vampire film (or series)

According to IMDb, Evans is attached to direct Undying Love, a live-action adaptation of a vampire graphic novel created by Daniel Freedman, Tomm Coker. I have no idea what format this is going to come in; films, series or animation. I don’t really mind though, either of those is good with me.

The graphic novel had a short life span and never got to the end of the series with only 4 out of 8 editions (and a collectors edition) ever printed.

I have really wanted to see Evans tackle the horror genre. Yes, I know he gave us Apostle, and, yeah, that was damn good but the story of Undying Love seems to mix Vampire horror along with bone-breaking action we got with Merantau Warrior, The Raid (1+2) and Gangs of London.

Here’s the official plot

The story is about an ex-soldier who falls in love with a vampire a Chinese woman named Mei. To free Mei of her vampiric curse, John Sargent must fight his way through the Hong Kong underworld to kill the vampire who transformed her. It happens that Mei was transformed by one of the most powerful vampires of all time.

Undying Love – Wiki

Do you see what I mean? doesn’t that sound like some amazing content for Gareth Evans to tackle? I really hope there’s some truth to this and we hear some sort of update soon.

In the meantime, we can expect to see Gareth Evans’ new ultra-violent film, Havoc hitting Netflix sometime this year. His new Welsh actioner stars Tom Hardy, Timothy Olyphant and Forest Whitaker. Hardy plays a detective who has to battle his way through a criminal organisation to save the daughter of a politician. Expect havoc.

As always, thanks for reading.


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