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Trailer + Poster For Irish Vampire Comedy

We always need new vampire movies in our lives. Luckily for us, we have a new vampire comedy from Ireland – The Boys From County Hell.

I have been hearing great things about The Boys From County Hell. Being from Ireland myself, I should have had this covered a long time ago. I remember seeing it at festivals that I couldn’t commit to cover this year. That was a shame but hey, better late than never, right?

The title of the movie is also the name of a Shane MacGowan song he recorded with The Pogues. I bet ya when Macgowan wrote those lyrics, he didn’t think the title would be used for a vampire movie set in the futuristic year of 2021.

Chris Baugh directed and co-wrote with Brendan Mullin the brilliant Northern Irish film Bad Day For The Cut. If you haven’t checked out Bad Day For The Cut then please do!. It is great, and it is on Netflix.

Now, back to the vampires.

Shudder has acquired the rights to Chris Baugh’s Irish vampire comedy, The Boys From County Hell. Check out the press release, trailer and poster below

Shudder Logo - Moviehooker

Strange events unfold in Six Mile Hill – a sleepy Irish town that claims to have been travelled by the famed author Bram Stoker. When construction on a new road disrupts the alleged grave of Abhartach, a legendary Irish vampire said to have inspired Dracula. Deadly and sinister forces terrorize the work crew. Led by Francie Moffat and his son Eugene, a free-spirited young man who prefers pints to pickaxes, and they’re forced to fight to survive the night while exposing the true horror that resides in the town’s local myth. 

The Boys From County Hell poster

Starring Jack Rowan (Peaky Blinders), Nigel O’Neill (The Bookshop), Louisa Harland (Derry Girls), Fra Fee (Animals, the upcoming Hawkeye series) and John Lynch (The Terror, The Banishing) and Michael Hough (the upcoming Chapelwaite series). It is written and directed by Chris Baugh (Bad Day for the Cut).



Genre: Horror/Comedy
Country: UK | Ireland
Runtime: 90 min
Year: 2021
Rated: NA

BOYS FROM COUNTY HELL will stream exclusively to Shudder on April 22nd in the US and Canada

As always, thanks for reading.

Words by GG
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker 
Source - Official press pack

10 New Non-English Horror/Sci-Fi Movies To Hook You Up With (2017)

10 new non-English-language horror movies coming our way soon.

There may be a lack in American or English-language horror movies but we have yet to witness some great Foreign horror. Hopefully, there will something in this list for everyone, I hope you enjoy.



Non-English horror movies

Country: Norway

New vampire horror/comedy from Norway. Trailer looks to have a bit of everything that comes with a classic vampire tale. Looks to be quite gruesome with the FX looking to be some of the best in the business.

Very rare that horror and comedy work well together but this looks to have the best of both worlds; the darkness, fangs, blood and nudity that we see in every respectable vampire films, blended in with some dark, twisted and morbid humour….and buckets of blood.


A Christian farmer searching for a higher purpose to life falls into sin and wakes up as the Prince of Darkness in the city of Stavanger, Norway.


Non-English Horror Movies LES AFFAMES

Country: Canada (French)

Just because we can never have enough zombie movies. I posted a short clip on my Moviehooker Facebook Page of a scene from the movie. A woman dressed in a business suit pulls over her car, grabs a machete, turns on some suitable slaughtering vibes and proceeds to slice-and-dice a  near by zombie.


In a small, remote village in upstate Quebec, things have changed. Locals are not the same anymore – their bodies are breaking down and they developed an outlandish attraction for flesh.



Horror movie Japan VAMPIRE CLAY


Country: Japan

OK, this looks bonkers. Japan has been home to some of best horror that the world has to offer. When I heard about Vampire Clay I had to look further into the film.  A plot stating  “A plasticine demon devours the denizens of a rural art school” wasn’t gonna cut it for me.

This looks to a neat little creature-feature. And yes, it’s about a plasticine monster killing the students of an art school, so what is not to love about that.

Directed by renowned Japanese make-up artist Soichi Umezawa who made his directorial debut in ABC’s Of Death 2 “Segment (Y) Is For Youth”.


A plasticine demon devours the denizens of a rural art school (Best. Plot. Ever)


horror and sci-fi movies NORWAY Thelma

Country: Norway

I first posted the stunning poster for Norwegian sci-fi adventure movie, Thelma a few days back on my Moviehooker Facebook Page.

Due to a weak but intriguing synopsis on IMDb, It wasn’t long before I hunted down the trailer.  After watching the trailer I none the wiser, I just knew this was something that we would all love.


A woman begins to fall in love, only to discover that she has fantastic powers.


horror and sci fi movies BLACK HOLLOW CAGE

Country: Switzerland 

Not very often we get the chance to witness any horror or sci-fi from Switzerland, so this is very exciting. Judging by the short plot, Black Hollow Cage sounds like will be an indie sci-fi that would remind you of the fantastic Spanish time-travel movie, Timecrimes. Not that we have a similar plot, but using very little cast members, that with the events taking place in a secluded area. These are all the ingredients of an indie sci-fi masterpiece! – you heard it here first, folks!


A girl who lives secluded in a house in the woods with the only company of her father and a wolfhound finds among the trees a mysterious cubic device with the ability to change the past.


horror thriller movie The Bar 2017

From the director of the whacky and wonderful Witching & BitchingÁlex de la Iglesia. Although we don’t have any zombies, monsters, or werewolves, The Bar is still described as a horror movie. This is humans Vs humans horror. If you’re familiar with Witching & Bitching then you’ll know how bat-shit-crazy The Bar could get.


In bustling downtown Madrid, a loud gunshot and two mysterious deaths trap a motley assortment of common urbanites in a decrepit central bar, while paranoia and suspicion force the terrified regulars to turn on each other.


Horror movie I Remember You

Country: Iceland

I Remember You is an Icelandic supernatural horror. For some reason, every Icelandic movie I’ve watched I’m always left stunned by the cinematography. There is no denying that Iceland is a beautiful country, but man, they sure can make it look bleak AF. The first film I realised this was the fantastic Jar City, and it’s something I’ve always noticed since. It ain’t a bad thing, in fact, it works in its favour. I am sure if we have a lighter, more family-friendly genre then it would depict Iceland in all its glory. But, because we’re watching horror, the tone had to be set differently.


A story about a young man and woman who move into a small abandoned town in Iceland to renovate an old house. Little do they know the town has a dark history.



horror movie Valley Of Shadows

Country: Norway

Everything I’ve read has pointed to Valley Of Shadows being a Scandinavian werewolf movie. Shot in a remote part of Norway, it looks to be a film that is heavily focused on its atmospheric surroundings with minimal dialogue and heavy visuals

The directorial debut from Jonas Matzow Gulbrandsen.


In this mystery drama, we follow Aslak (6) in a quest for answers about recent tragic events. Valley of Shadows is a film in the tradition of the Scandinavian Gothic.



Country: Italy

A Sicilian Ghost Story has been described as more of a thriller than a horror. However, there is still supernatural elements to the movie, also a gruesome death – so it makes the list.


In a little Sicilian village at the edge of a forest, Giuseppe, a boy of 13, vanishes. Luna, his classmate who loves him, refuses to accept his mysterious disappearance. She rebels against the silence and complicity that surround her, and to find him she descends into the dark world which has swallowed him up and which has a lake as its mysterious entrance. Only their indestructible love will be able to bring her back along.


horror movie PENGABDI SETAN

From Joko Anwar, the director behind the amazing 2009 movie The Forbidden Door and more recently, Ritual. 

Not so sure if this film is my sort of thing as it looks very much like The Ring. I am only judging this by the trailer, so I will pass full judgement when I finally get to see the flick.


After dying of a strange illness he suffered for 3 years, a mother returned home to pick up her son.






21 Great Modern Euro-Horror Movies

A list of already released Euro horror movies. Hope you enjoy.



This is a new claustrophobic horror movie from Spain.

The reviews that I have read for this movie have been really strong. It recently played at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival. It also features a performance from my favourite Spanish actor, Luis Tosar.


Spain, 1950s. Montse’s agoraphobia keeps her locked in a sinister apartment in Madrid and her only link to reality is the little sister she lost her youth raising. But one day, a reckless young neighbour, Carlos, falls down the stairwell and drags himself to their door. Someone has entered the shrew’s nest… perhaps he’ll never leave.
Shrews Nest

Sleep Tight 


Sleep Tight would be described best as a psychological thriller. There isn’t a lot of horror going on, but there is a serious amount of creeping which makes for some really uncomfortable viewing,

Sleep Tight stands as one of my all-time fave movies in the last ten years. The film is so simplistic that there is no need for gore or crazy special FX – or even a huge budget. The powerful script, clever camera work, and an unnerving performance from Luis Tosar are enough to send a thousand chills down your spine.

Sleep Tight is directed by {REC} helmer, Jaume Balagueró and is written by Alberto Marini (Marini has just released his directorial début called Summer Camp)
Sleep Tight (Blu Ray) [Blu-ray]

 Cannibal: A Love Story


The film is about a man called Carlos who works as a tailor and owns an expensive shop in Granada. By day, Carlos will measure you to see what suit fit’s just right; At night, Carlos will kill you, cut you up, put you in little snack boxes and keep you in the fridge and feast on your flesh throughout his working week.

Director Manuel Martin Cuenca takes an unusual approach for a cannibal movie. Instead of having blood and guts and grossness –  he gives us a distinguished cannibal that would remind you of Hannibal Lector. There is one scene when we see him carry a female corpse to some sort of workbench (pic above). We don’t see him cut her up, but we see just how disturbed he is, as he takes a giant sniff at the freshly killed corpse, which is very creepy.

The film does have some pacing issues but overall I thought it was a great, and definitely something different and original for a cannibal movie.

Official Plot 

Carlos is the most prestigious tailor in Granada, but he’s also a murderer in the shadows. He feels no remorse, no guilt until Nina appears in his life and love awakens.
Cannibal [DVD]



One of my favourite vampire films. The movie would have a similar plot to that of 30 Days Of Night (although released before). There is also some comedy thrown in to liven things up a bit.

I haven’t seen this in years, maybe it hasn’t aged well, but I can remember enjoying a lot more than any other vampire movie that was around at that time.

The vampires were really well done and the FX was top-notch. 

Official Plot

During World War II  in Ukraine, 1944, the remnants of 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking are fleeing from The Red Army. Using the protection of the woods and the dark, a platoon partly made up of Swedes escapes the massacre. They seek shelter in an abandoned cabin, but as darkness falls they are attacked by vampires inhabiting a hidden crypt under the cabin.

In present-day Sweden, doctor Annika and her teenage daughter Saga are moving to a town in Lappland, so Annika can work close to the famous Swedish geneticist Gerhard Beckert. Since Lappland is located above the Arctic Circle, the polar night has begun. With one month until dawn, there are only a few hours of sunless twilight each day before complete darkness.
Frostbitten (2006) (Import)



The great thing about French shocker Inside is that it doesn’t pretend to be anything else other than shocking. This is a film for the gore-hound, for the person that likes their films a bit twisted.

There is enough gore in this movie to satisfy any horror lover’s hunger.

Directors Julien Maury and Alexandro Bustillo give us a brilliantly directed tale of terror. Inside put the directors on the map.

Straight forward storyline brought to life by two brilliant performances from Beatrice Dalle and Alysson Paradis 

Official Plot

Four months after the death of her husband, a woman on the brink of motherhood is tormented in her home by a strange woman who wants her unborn baby.
Inside [DVD] [2007]



I write about Martyrs so much that I feel that I should be asking for a cut of the profits.

It’s no surprise that Martyrs stands as a lot of people’s favourite horror movie from the last ten years. An extremely violent and well put together story about the endurance of pain and sufferance

Official Plot

A young woman’s quest for revenge against the people who kidnapped and tormented her as a child leads her and a friend, who is also a victim of child abuse, on a terrifying journey into a living hell of depravity.
Martyrs [Blu-ray]



I thought I would just mention the 3 of these. It is a rare thing in cinema that a low-budget horror movie that spawns a trilogy, and all of them are REALLY good.

I am not a huge fan of slasher movies in general, but Cold Prey offers something unique.

Official Plot for part 1 (IMDb)

Jannicke, Morten Tobias, Eirik, Mikael and Ingunn are on a snowboarding vacation in Jotunheimen. They are forced to take shelter in an abandoned hotel when Morten Tobias breaks his leg and their car is too far away for them to reach within nightfall. They quickly discover that the hotel was closed in the seventies due to the disappearance of the managers’ son. Unknown to them, someone is still living in the hotel, and getting home, or even surviving the stay, isn’t as easy as they believe.


Cold Prey 1 & 2 (BR)
Cold Prey/Cold Prey 2 [DVD] [2006]

Rovdyr offers nothing new in regards to storyline. We have a bunch of teens that go on the usual camping trip into the dreaded woods. They become the latest playthings for a group of mad Norwegian woodsmen, who begin to hunt them down one-by-one.

What I loved about Rovdyr was the way it is shot. The look and feel of the movie was just fantastic. It reminded me of The Devil’s Rejects with a blend of Texas Chainsaw Mmassacre

The gore is really well done – it is as vicious as horror gets. The film has some mixed reviews but I really enjoyed it. If you know what you’re going to get and you’re not expecting some really intelligent mind-fuck of a horror movie then give it a shot. I highly recommend it.


Official Plot (IMDb)

The summer of 1974, four young people are all ambushed and left unconscious. They wake up deep in the woods with no one around but the sound of a hunting horn.
Manhunt [DVD] [2007]







Before the huge success of Let The Right One In came Frostbite (Frostbitten). Another astonishing Swedish vampire tale that would remind you of the American horror, 30 Days Of Night (but released before).

Like 30 Day Of Night, Frostbitten is set in a town where the sun disappears, making the town a feeding frenzy for some vamps

I have not seen this film in years, so I am not sure if it has aged well. I remember it being genuinely funny but at the same offering all the gruesomeness that we want from a vampire movie. Well worth checking out if you fancy a dark vampire comedy.



The story of a well loved catholic priest who agrees to try a new drug to help find a vaccine for a virus. The priest immediately responds with unbelievable results. I thinks it’s safe to say that the drug didn’t actually work, and it ain’t long before we see our servant of god showing the effects of vampirism.

Guaranteed to be unlike any vampire film you’ll ever see. A very unusual and different film but wonderfully written and directed. From the director of “Oldboy”, “I Am Cyborg”, and “Stoker”.

From Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, I Am Cyborg, and Stoker)

 LET THE RIGHT ONE IN20130701-093421.jpg

This film has not only earned its place as one of the best foreign vampire movies, but it has earned its place as one of the greatest horror films of our times. This film received great reviews from every critic around of the world. If you haven’t already seen this one, then you are probably one of the only people on the planet.

The story a young teenage boy called “Oskar” in the early 1980’s, who befriends his new next door neighbour, who also happens to be a 200 yr old vampire stuck in a kids body

A lot of people don’t know this fact about the film, and I can’t remember completely, but they seemed to have left it out of the American remake. Oskar notices a huge scar on Eli when he is looking at her getting changed. Eli isn’t a girl at all. Not only has poor little Oskar, fell for a blood sucking hound from hell; he has also had fallen for a 200-year-old castrated boy.

That fact completely changed my view of the film. I left the film feeling it was sort of a romantic vampire love story (done well),. ThenI found out that “Eli” was actually castrated boy, it automatically gave the film a darker and sinister tone.




Helmed as one of the finest horror films to have come out of the 1990’s. Cronos is the directorial debut from Guillermo Del Toro, and everyone knows that this man has went on to make, and continues to make some of the finest and most visually striking films released today

The story of an elderly antique dealer who discovers a device called The Cronos. This device has the power to grant him eternal life, but at the same same time gives him a craving for blood.




When Vlad returns home from Italy he finds out that one of the residents of his village has been murdered. Not only that, there is something not right and the rest of the villagers are acting very strange.

This is not your typical vampire film, and that’s the reason I loved it so much.

A low-budget horror comedy from Romania, written and directed by Faye Jackson, that is wonderfully unique and completely different from your average fang-fest.