Terrifier 2 Review: The New Age of Old-School Horror

We would like to welcome, Art the Clown to the hall of horror fame. This guy deserves to sit among the best and it’s about time horror fans got a killer as sadistic!

Look, it doesn’t really matter if you think Terrifier is good or you think it’s way overhyped. The bottom line is, Art is an important new horror figure in the genre. Not only that but Terrifier 2 is doing remarkably well at the box office. So, if you’re one of those horror snobs who think this is a crock of shit – you should just be quiet. It is far from it. If you’re a true horror fan, sick of the same repetitive jump scare bs then this is a film you NEED to support.

As a hardened hardcore horror lover, I sort of knew what to expect. This is a homage to classic slashers – you know this is a horror film made by a horror fan. Taking a simple regurgitated slasher premise only ramping up the gore and kills by x1000. If you’re going in expecting to be blown away by the plot then you’ll be sorely disappointed. It is just all-out mayhem, and the only reason there are other characters is just for Art to kill in very gruesome, inventive ways.

Not only does it pay homage to the horror greats, but it also pays respect to action films like Commando which I found quite funny. The scene with the girl getting into her cosplay outfit was defo influenced by Arnold getting his gear ready to go and give Bennett a dose of steam. All of this is steeped in an awesome 80s synth-driven OST.

Art the Clown made his first appearance in All Hallows’ Eve which was then followed up with his own movie, Terrifier. And due to insanely popular demand, Terrifier 2 was born.

He does deserve his own franchise – his presence is unsettling and the non-vocalised mime-like approach really adds to that creepy killer clown act. He doesn’t have to do much – he looks fkn evil.

The sound design is also fantastic and I am sure that alone had a lot of stomachs churning chunks in the cinemas. The practical fx also throws us back to the great years of classic horror like Bad Taste, Braindead (Dead Alive) and Scanners…only again, with way more ickiness. Yes, this is some hardcore graphic stuff, but unfortunately, folks, I won’t be vomiting. It had me smiling from ear to ear…does that make me fucked up?

We need more Art the Clown and fewer Annabelle movies. This is daring cinema, indie horror at its finest. And made for horror fans with no hope in Hell of a 15c to attract a younger audience. What more do horror fans want? The plot won’t be winning any awards but due to its viciousness, Terrifier 2 gets my vote!



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