Late Night With The Devil Review: Tune In To Hell

LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL: Please stay tuned while we try a television first, as we try and commune with the Devil…but not before a word from our sponsors

I am sure you are all aware that we have been really looking forward to the new possession horror Late Night With The Devil. It has been receiving critical acclaim since its festival run last year. So, is everyone right? Is Late Night With The Devil going to be one of the best horrors of the year?…we think so. 

Starring David Dastmalchian as popular late-night talkshow host Jack Delroy. Late Night With The Devil focuses on a popular TV show called Night Owls. This particular show is on Halloween night and Jack wants to focus on the paranormal. He brings on a few guests, ex-magician and paranormal sceptic Carmichael the Conjurer, the Amazing Christou, a man who feeds off people’s grief by pretending he can contact the dead and a parapsychologist called Dr June Ross-Mitchell. She is in the company of Lilly, a damaged young teenage girl, and the sole survivor of satanic mass suicide whose soul is now the new home of The Devil. Mr Delroy wants the ratings to go through the roof so decides that it would be a great idea for the Dr to bring out the demon in Lilly live on air.

David Dastmalchian will be winning awards for his role as Jack Delroy. Everyone was delighted to finally see him in a leading role and boy, he really knocked it out of the park. But Dastmalchian is only a part of what makes ate Night With Devil great. His co-stars, especially his talk show host sidekick Gus, the guests and the amazing house band. The costume design and production design really nailed that 70s aesthetic. 

When I first heard of Late Night With The Devil, what I thought we were going to get was possession on a scale unlike anything we have ever seen. I was sort of hoping that when this demon is brought out, it sends some sort of demonic signal through the television waves and possesses everyone who is watching the TV. Well, we didn’t quite get that but in saying that, I really did not guess where the story was going to go and I was far from let down. When the devil is brought out, the film goes from a quirky and intentionally cringey comedy to full-blown horror. The FX are on point and really did offer us a new type of possession horror we have not seen.

Late Night With The Devil – Vertigo Releasing/Shudder

Presented in a mockumentary, found footage form, Late Night With The Devil pays homage to 70 possession horror while at the same injecting just enough originality to make it unique. Believe the hype, trust me, folks, Late Night With The Devil is possession horror at its very finest. Go check it out on the big scree!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 8/10

Starring David Dastmalchian, Laura Gordon, Ian Bluss, Fayssal Bazzi and Ingrid TorelliLate Night With The Devil arrives in cinemas on March 22nd

Distributor: Vertigo Releasing/Shudder

  • UK Theatrical Date: 22nd March
  • Short Synopsis: In 1977 a live television broadcast goes horribly wrong, unleashing evil into living rooms across the United States.
  • Director & Writer: Cameron Cairnes & Colin Cairnes
  • Cast: David Dastmalchian, Laura Gordon, Ian Bluss, Fayssal Bazzi and Ingrid Torelli
  • Run Time: 86 Mins
  • Cert: 15

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