More Horror Films Coming Your Way Soon

A new list of horror films that will be released so or throughout the year. This is our 8th list of the year with zero signs of us slowing down. There is just so much awesome content to hook you all up with.


The directorial debut from Caitlin Cronenberg, the daughter of David Cronenberg and brother of Brandon. As a huge fan of David and Brandon, I can’t wait to see what we will get with Caitlin’s debut. I’m guessing it will be as weird and wonderful as her brother and father’s productions.

Humane is about an evil government who have decided that the population of the world has reached its limit and action needs to be taken. The film will follow a family at dinner as they descend into madness and chaos while discussing the potential welcoming of The Euthanasia Programme to take on the world’s population problem.


Custom recently popped up on my radar as it just played at this year’s Frightfest Film Festival. This new horror film is about a couple who make erotic video tapes and get dragged into a dangerous world with the arrival of a mysterious client.

I like a good poster and I have to say that I was sucked in by the poster design. I do not know what was going on but it looked like there was some sort of sort of humanoid figure with what looked like the snout of a pig. It didn’t look like a mask either…so, yeah, I am intrigued…if anything.


Starring Hunter Shachfer, and Dan Stevens. It is directed and written by Tilman Singer. Cuckoo follows a 17-year-old girl who has no choice but to move to a resort with her family where she quickly learns things are not as they seem. 


A24’s latest film follows a couple who get tangled up with a mysterious late-night TV show. There is not much more to go on. We shall see, I Saw The TV Glow release very soon so I guess we will see.


The Devil’s Bath just took home the prestigious Silver Bear award at the Bernale International Film Festival. I guess I would call this one a horror movie of the mind. It’s a dark look into the life of female depression in 18th-century Austria. Women who are severely suffering from mental health issues would commit horrendous crimes to receive the death penalty and avoid the stigma of suicide.

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I may have posted about this film before but I think it was under a different title – it sounds familiar anyway. Nicolas Hoult stars as a man looking for love who takes a chance in a new game contest only to find out the game has much more deadly rules.

If this is the same film I am thinking about then it looks to be a mixture of the deadly games that kill contestants sub-genre mixed with a little bit of Saw. That, to me does not sound like a bad viewing experience


Birdeater is another film with a very interesting poster design and a plot that sounds like things could go from zero to one hundred in terms of violence. This is also an Australian production and has those seedy Snowtown vibes.

Due to get married soon, a couple gets horrendously embarrassed when details about their relationship come to light at the bachelor party forcing the couple to turn feral.


Two siblings take refuge in a farmhouse to hide from the law after a botched heist. Something strange is going on in this farmhouse and it seems to be locking them in another time forcing them to battle with a mysterious force that is pushing their minds and sanity to breaking point.


For Night Will Come is a new vampire movie from France. it follows a family called The Feral Family (nice name..I can see where this is going) who have just moved to a new neighbourhood. The son of the family begins some sort of relationship with his new neighbour, Camille who may or may not be a vampire. Sounds like we have a French Fright Night to sink our teeth into.

The reviews that I have read for For Night Will Come have been great. It sounds like Fright Night from the outside but apart from the vampire neighbour, there isn’t any other comparison to the 80s vampire classic.


Wolf Night has been described as District 9 meets The Purge and I couldn’t think of a better movie mashup to feature some werewolves. Plot details are being kept under wraps but the film is in pre-production. We will be updating you all with news as it unfolds. 


A young woman who is desperately looking for her missing cousin suspects something terrible has happened to her. Alone in the Chicago suburbs, her most fears are confirmed by the arrival of a masked intruder trying to put a stop to her concerns

The new film from Mickey Keating (Offseason, Carnage Park, Darling), Invader is due for release on March 15th.

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