Horror News: Blumhouse + Atomic Monster Joins Forces

News: Blumhouse and Atomic Monster join forces - Moviehooker

Two of the biggest horror production companies (Blumhouse and Atomic Monster) in the world have joined forces to form some sort of Super Horror Production company and we are ALL here for it. I jokingly said last week that James Wan would create a franchise from the H.P Lovecraft adaptation of Call Of Cthulhu and … Read more

UPGRADE: Leigh Whannell Set To Direct New TV Series For Blumhouse

upgrade series Blumhouse

Deadline has reported that a follow up to Leigh Whannell’s epic sci-fi, Upgrade will be getting a sequel…but in the form of a new Blumhouse TV series As a huge fan of Upgrade, this is the news I have been waiting for. It is amazing that they have got the content for a sequel but … Read more

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