Darkland Fantasia Festival 2017 review

Fantasia Festival 2017 Review: DARKLAND

  A SUCCESSFUL SURGEON THROWS HIS LIFE AWAY TO AVENGE HIS BROTHER’S DEATH IN NEW DANISH THRILLER “DARKLAND” FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL 2017 REVIEW Gary Gamble Darkland tells the story of Ziad (Dar Salim), a well-respected surgeon who migrated to Denmark from Iraq with his family. Life seems good, he has the Continue Reading


Fantasia Festival 2017 Review: SUPER DARK TIMES

SUPER DARK TIMES: A SUPERIOR DIRECTORIAL DEBUT FEATURING A REALLY TALENTED YOUNG CAST FANTASIA FESTIVAL 2017 REVIEW The films starts with a trail of blood smeared down an empty school corridor (think Nightmare On Elm Street: part1). We think it’s human but the blood is coming from a wounded deer that Continue Reading

Fantasia Film Festival Review: THE VILLAINESS

Fans of female led assassin movies such as “Kill Bill”, “Nikita”, should really pay attention to “The Villainess”. Fantasia Festival 2017 Review “The Villainess” It has been a long time since we have seen anything quite this good with respect this area of the genre. South Korean action/thriller fans will Continue Reading

Fantasia Festival 2017 Review: GAME OF DEATH

IF YOU WANT TO WATCH YOUNG MILLENNIALS HEADS EXPLODE THEN GAME OF DEATH IS FOR YOU FANTASIA FESTIVAL 2017 REVIEW   The opening sequence for Sebastien Landry, Laurence Baz Morais’ “Game of Death” fills me with a mixture of dread and nervous excitement, as I subject myself to what appears Continue Reading