I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore (NETFLIX)

Macon Blair, the star of indie hit Blue Ruin has released his directorial debut via Netflix I have been a big fan of Macon Blair ever since I saw him in Jeremy Saulnier’s Murder Party. Saulnier’s next film was Blue Ruin, and that would be the one that would get Blair noticed for Continue Reading


Jeremy Saulnier’s Punk Rockers Vs Skinheads Movie GREEN ROOM Is Tense , Survival Horror Done To Perfection.

  Jeremy Saulnier is back and on top-form with Green Room, his passion project and first film since indie revenge classic, Blue Ruin. Read our full review below. So after the success of Blue Ruin it was inevitable that Saulnier’s next feature would be bigger and badder. Saulnier knew himself that the Continue Reading

Trailer For Green Room, New Movie From Blue Ruin Writer/Director

Green Room is the next feature from Jeremy Saulnier, the writer and director of the awesome, Blue Ruin. Green Room stars Patrick Stewart, Imogen  Poots, Anton Yelchin, Alia Shawkat, Mark Webber, and Macon Blair. Blue Ruin was a superb movie with a powerful lead performance by Macon Blair so I Continue Reading