6 Dark South Korean Horrors/Thrillers You May Have Missed

A new list for you all to enjoy featuring some dark AF South Korean titles you may have missed



A man wakes up in the middle of a forest with no recollection of how he got there. He see’s a small light and makes his way towards a nearby cabin. As he enters the cabin, he finds the mutilated bodies of his co-workers and dying girlfriend who is using her last dying words to talk about spiders repeatedly.

The co-workers got hacked to bits with a sickle and unknown to Min; the killer is still inside the house. When Min notices the murderer, he grabs the sickle and begins to chase him through the forest. His attempts fail when he is knocked unconscious with a blow to the head.

When Min wakes up in the hospital, he is chained to the bed in handcuffs. When chasing down the killer, he lifted the murder weapon and now it looks like he has committed the crimes.

To prove his innocence he must remember the events that led up to him entering the cabin and finding the bodies. Some memories are better left forgotten.




An insurance salesman receives an odd phone call from a woman. The woman wanted to know if she could collect a life insurance policy if her son commits suicide.

A few days later the insurance salesman gets called to a house to investigate the apparent suicide of a young boy. He knows that this young boy’s death was no suicide and starts to suspect the father as the main suspect.

The further that he delves into the father’s past he realises that there is much more going on. He is responsible for a lot more crimes than just the death of this young boy.

Based on a Japanese novel, this film is not perfect but still one I belive to better than any Western attempt.



Not a lot of people know that South Koreans were dominating the serial-killer genre way before classics like The Chaser, Memories Of Murder, or, I Saw The Devil

Tell Me Something is closing in fast on being twenty years old. The film was first released in 1999 and is a dark detective mystery set in the South Korean capital of Seoul. 

A serial killer has been chopping up his victims and placing them in black plastic bags around the city. It doesn’t take long for the cops to realise that the body parts do not match and there is more than one victim.

A gruesome, graphic suspense horror that has been compared to the likes of American classics like Se7en and the remarkable The Silence Of The Lambs



Into The Mirror got the Hollywood regurgitation with a remake that was just simply titled, Mirrors. The American remake starred Kiefer Sutherland and suffered severely from ARS (American Remake Syndrome).

The South Korean original, undoubtedly is miles above the remake (even though it has the same writer as the remake).

A horror genuinely eerie horror movie that focuses more on visuals and the creativity of atmospheric cinematography than it does gore.

The story of an ex-cop who is forced to take up a  security job at a department store when he caused the death of his partner on duty. He starts to investigate a string of murders that have been linked to mirrors in the store.

This movie a great example of amazing creativity in filmmaking.



A fast-paced kidnapping thriller that tells the story of a successful lawyer and mother of one. Her only daughter gets kidnapped when on a school day out. The kidnapper gets in touch with the successful lawyer and instead of money, he wants something that won’t be so easy to get.

She has to defend a convicted rapist who is on trial for rape and murder. The daughter will die if he is found guilty, and she has only Seven Days until the end of the trial.



Voice Of A Murderer tells the story of a news anchor who is enjoying being the number one reporter in his network.

His life descends into a living nightmare when his young son is kidnapped and held for ransom. The police get involved, but no matter how hard they try, the kidnapper is always one step ahead of them. 

Not only is the kidnapper always one step ahead of them but he seems to have it all planned out, he knows what steps they will take next, and he is enjoying toying with their every failed move.

A tense and very realistic kidnapping drama that I would consider to be better than any American kidnapping production. 

Voice Of A Murderer is a fictionalised re-telling of a real kidnapping case that happened in Seoul back in 1991. Nine-year-old Lee Hyung-ho was abducted and held for ransom. Even though the parents received 87 Ransom phone calls, the young boy was found dead 44-days later in a ditch next to his home – he was killed two days after the abduction. If you think I just gave away the plot of the movie then just read the title – it is there already.

Now here is the crazy thing, the killer was never caught.  To this day he is roaming around free somewhere.   The Statute Of Limitations, in this case, ran out back in 2006 so even if he was caught, I am pretty sure he is now exempt from prosecution. That is crazy.

Hope you enjoyed this list. I hoped I hooked you up with some great titles you ain’t seen.

As always, thanks for reading.


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