New Takashi Miike Serial Killer Movie: Lumberjack The Monster

Lumberjack the Monster - Moviehooker

Hooking You All Up With Takashi Miike’s new serial killer horror LUMBERJACK MONSTER That’s right, folks, visionary Japanese director and master of weird Takashi Mike (Ichi The Killer, Gozu, Visitor Q, The Happiness Of The Katikuri’s) has a new serial killer film on the way called Lumberjack The Monster and it sounds so good.  A … Read more

New series Connect Drags Takashi Miike into the world of Dark K Dramas

Darkest serail killer K Dramas - Connect series

Connect is a new South Korean mini-series directed by the awesomely talented Japanese director Takashi Miike. This is the first time in K Drama history that a South Korean production company (Studio Dragon) gave the green light for a K Drama Series to be directed by a Japanese director. And what better way to kick … Read more

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