Check Out The Trailer For This Fan-Made Alien Movie: No Man’s Land

I have just stumbled on a new Alien fan film that has just released the trailer – and boy, does it look good!

With the release of the most recent Predator movie, Prey, people were quick to express their feelings on what era they would like to see The Predator collect its skull trophies next. One of those ideas was a Predator movie set in WW2 – and, funnily enough, it was also called No Man’s Land. We even got an epic-looking poster but unfortunately, I knew it was fan-made.

Fast forward a few months later and I came across a fan-made film called No Man’s Land. But, instead of having the Predator battling soldiers, this film focuses on xenomorphs causing murderous carnage in the trenches

It’s hard to believe that this is just a fan-made film. The production value looks superb and to be honest, this is a battle I would like to see fought!


In the hot barren trenches of a remote Ottoman territory WW1 battlefield. A battle-worn Imperial Force of Australian soldiers discovers something sinister behind enemy lines. ‘No Man’s Land’ is “Battlefield 1 meets Aliens” a live-action Sci-Fi adventure Alien fan film… with practical FX… Coming Soon!

Check Out The Trailer Below


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