New Crime Series’ For You To Binge-Watch

Need Some New Binge-Worthy Tv Shows? Check Out These New Crime Series’

I am sure most of you are already hooked on most of these new shows. I thought I would put a small list together featuring some of the most talked about new crime series’. I hope you enjoy.



Jessica Biel stars as Cora Tannetti, a young mother who randomly attacks and kills a man when vacationing with her family. One minute she’s pealing an apple, enjoying the sunshine. Then out of nowhere, she just snaps and viciously stabs a randomer to death.

Bill Pullman play’s Harry Ambrose, the detective assigned to her case. He notices that there’s something psychologically wrong with, Cora. Troubled by his own home life, he buries himself deep in Tanetti’s case. The deeper he delves into Cora’s past, the more Ambrose realises she may not have been responsible for her actions.

Great lead performances from both Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman. Beil’s portrayal of a psychologically-broken woman is one of TV’s strongest female-lead characters. We do sympathise, but as the show develops we learn more about Cora’s past, The Sinner becomes a very unpredictable and gripping watch.

Was her psychotic episode triggered by a traumatic event from her past…or was Cora Tannetti of sound mind when she butchered that young man on the beach?.

The Sinner: A Novel (TV Tie-In)



Based on a novella by the great Stephen King, Mr Mercedes is the most exciting serial-killer drama to hit our screens since The Fall.

Brendan Gleeson stars as Bill Hodges, a retired Irish police detective who failed to catch a mass murderer just before his retirement. The heartless killer mowed-down innocent bystanders in a stolen Mercedes, killing 16.

Still haunted by reoccurring memories, Bill’s sanity is tested when the killer decides to taunt him with video footage, emails and letters.

Mr. Mercedes isn’t a “Whodunit”  type of crime series.

Just like The Fall, we learn early-on who the killer is. He is young, works at a tech store, he is oddly polite. We are aware from the get-go that there is something unsettling about him.

An incestual relationship really adds to how messed up he is. With this sort of home life there isn’t a chance that Brady could be anything other than a very dangerously, sick man.

Stephen King has really written a messed up story here with Mr. Mercedes and I am hooked on it. Hands down, this is easily the best Stephen King adaptation that I have ever seen.

Gleeson shines as per-usual. Hodges is an asshole, there is no questioning that but he is a loveable asshole.

Devon-born English actor Harry Treadaway plays our killer, Brady.  A role that demands some seriously skilled acting. Brady is terrifying and unnerving, we are never sure what he’s going to do next…or what he is capable of. His black, sleep-deprived dead eyes make Brady look like one of the walking dead. Each episode we see Brady’s obsession with Hodge’s get worse. It ain’t long before we start to see the true monster that lies within Him.

Mr Mercedes book by Stephen King AMAZON (CHEAP)



Based on the best-selling novel by sci-fi writer Margaret Atwood and recently picking up a well-deserved Emmy.

Starring Elizabeth Moss, and Joseph Fiennes it tells the story of a disturbing future where women are treated as the property of the state. Birth-rate is also at an all-time low so the government place what fertile women they have left with families to try and repopulate the planet. They’re basically sex-slaves and forced to sleep with the man of the house when requested.

Elizabeth Moss is by far the best thing about this series. She is a tremendous actress.

The Handmaid’s Tale [DVD] [1990] ORIGINAL MOVIE 

The Handmaid’s Tale (Vintage Classics) BOOK


Crime Series TIN STAR

Tin Star is one I have yet to catch. I’ve read both great things and some not so great things.  However, I’m a fan of Tim Roth, so the thought of him having a leading a role in a crime series excites me.

Written by Rowan Joffe who wrote 28 Weeks Later, Brighton Rock, The American and Before I Go To Sleep.

28 Weeks Later [Blu-ray] [2007] Brighton Rock [DVD] The American [Blu-ray]
Before I Go To Sleep [Blu-ray]


Former London police detective Jim Worth is the new police chief of Little Big Bear, a small town in the Canadian Rockies, where he has moved with his family to escape his past.The influx of migrant workers because of a new big oil company, headed by the mysterious Mrs. Bradshaw, forces Worth to confront the resulting wave of crime that threatens the town. Worth’s stand against the criminals results in vigilante groups attacking him and his family, leading Worth to slip into his violent alter-ego, Jack Devlin, to exact revenge.

Tin Star (Sky Atlantic) [Blu-ray]
Tin Star (Sky Atlantic) [DVD]


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