Best Netflix Original Series’ (PART TWO)

In part one of the Netflix Originals posts, I covered OZARK, NARCOS, MARSEILLE, EL CHAPO, and STRANGER

I knew it would be impossible to put get all of the Netflix original series’ into one post as there is just so much choice. Every article I have read has the same “popular”  shows like Stranger Things, House Of Cards or Orange Is The New Black. I have tried to stay away from all the ones that get the attention and focus on the smaller, but still fantastic series’ that Netflix has to offer.


Netflix original THE BREAK

The French seem to be among the best when it comes to crime drama. Shows like Witnesses, Braquo and Spiral, have set the standard extremely high. The Break further proves this point. Another superbly put together, gripping crime drama.

The series follows a detective who has just moved back home with his daughter to start fresh.  It wouldn’t be a good crime series if they got to start fresh, then it would just be a family drama, wouldn’t it?.

Our lead detective is seeing a psychologist on a regular basis to try and come to terms with an investigation he was part of back in Brussels.

When police pull the body of a young man from a nearby lake, the detective throws himself back into the deep end of a new murder investigation.

This is a series for people who love all the Euro crime drama currently rocking our screens. If you like shows like The Killing and The Bridge (not to mention the French shows I said at the start) then you will find THE BREAK a great watch.



(فوضى; means "chaos" in Arabic)

Netflix original FAUDA

This Netflix Original series gripped me from episode one. 

It seems like a regular occurrence in American programmes, the F.B.I or whoever have to disarm a terrorist with an explosive vest.

This is the daily routine for an anti-terrorism unit in FAUDA. The series starts with a retired cop who comes back on the force when he learns that one of the high-profile terrorists he thought killed is still alive.

After a botched capture and kill attempt, the unit starts a chain of events that puts them in even bigger danger.

I am aware that there is a real horrible conflict between Israel and Palestine.  Fauda is a show that works on so many levels. I can not fault any of the acting, writing or direction – this is a superior series that could be one the tensest things I’ve seen in a while. I guess, what I am trying to say is that no matter where you stand on the Israel and Palestine conflict if you leave that at the door, you will find this series one of the best things in recent years.

Season 2 has been announced so expect more soon


Netflix original NOBEL

It’s funny how I stumbled on this Netflix original series. I guess we can call it moviehooker research?.  You know, that time when I make a load of food and sit on my couch getting fat, scrolling through all the shit that Netflix has to offer, so you don’t have to.

Which brings me to Mark Wahlberg, exec-produced Netflix Original, SHOOTER (should’ve been called SHITTER). I feel I have to mention this, to get to Nobel

So, I thought “yeah, Shooter, was an OK film, I’ll give the Ryan Phillippe series a shot”. I can see a lot of people digging Shooter, but it was not for me. I don’t think I made it through the first half of episode one.

It ticked every cliche in the book. Nothing wrong with the acting or production value but it seemed like such a mediocre, predictable series.

Which finally brings me to NOBEL

I found the contrast between the American show (Shooter) and Norwegian series (Nobel) amazing. Both shows are about snipers but couldn’t be more different from each other.

In Shooter, the Marine arrives home. He has the loving wife, the kid and a dog. They have a house by a lake, and in the sniper’s basement is every weapon you can imagine, all proudly mounted on his wall.

Nobel just seemed way more believable, or I think the word I am looking for is “human”. These guys are the best the Norwegian army has to offer. When a member of their platoon gets killed, then we see these guys fall to pieces.  We see emotion in the characters, which makes it relatable. In Shooter, Philippe’s character just seems like a robotic killing machine, unable of feeling human emotion.

Nobel follows a Norwegian sniper called Erling who has just finished his tour of duty in Afghanistan. When he arrives home, he is thrown into a world of murder and political corruption.

He receives a strange message from his superior telling him that a terrorist he was hunting in Afghanistan is in Oslo and needs to be assassinated. Without too much thought, Erling carries out the execution only to realise that the message he received was not from his superior but from an unknown, mystery source.

Nobel wastes no time in story development. It will have you hooked from episode one.


Netflix Original GLITCH

Glitch is an Austrailian programme in the same style as the remarkable French supernatural series THE RETURNED.

The series follows a small-town cop who is called out to a disturbance in the local cemetery. When he arrives, he notices a lot of confused people walking around. Not only are these people confused but they’re also naked and covered in mud. After exhausting every possible angle they confirm that these people have returned back to life.

The cop’s world is then turned upside down when he realises that one of the returned is his dead wife who passed away two years previous.

Great story with an interesting twist on the zombie genre. This series would lean more towards the supernatural side of things rather than a zombie series but can still be enjoyed by fans of both.


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