3 New South Korean Films You Need To Know About

I am back with a new list, this time focusing on some new South Korean films that will be coming our way soon. Hey, it may be a small list but I think these are gonna rock our worlds. Let us get to it.


Handsome Guys has promised us some gnarly violence and horror coated in some ridiculous off-beat comedy. Starring Lee Sung-min (A Bloody Lucky Day), Lee Hee-joon (A Killer Paradox) Kim Do-hoon (Moving) and Park Ji-hwan (Unstoppable).

The film follows 2 “Handsome Guys” who move into a house in the rural countryside to start a new life. Their plans of a quiet country life are soon put to test when they awaken an ancient evil in their basement causing them to act horrendously violent…in hilarious ways.


The Plot (previously named Designer) sounds great and is a remake of a 2009 Japanese movie called Accident which has been adapted to suit South Korean audiences. Starring Gang Dong-won, Lee Mi-sook and Lee Hyun-wook (Song Of The Bandits).

It follows Yeong-il, the boss of a contract killing group (played by Gang Dong-won) who is commissioned to kill people and make their deaths seem like accidents. Now, Yeong-ill has reasons to believe that the very company he works for are planning to kill him using the same methods.


Dead Man follows a wealthy businessman called Lee Man-jae (played by Cho Jin-woong). A man so powerful, he only has to use his name to start earning money. But when is accused of embezzling 100 billion won, he is forced to fake his own death. After some sort of sentence in a Chinese prison, he is released and goes back to South Korea to hunt down and get revenge on those who made him a Dead Man.

That’s it for this list of new South Korean flicks. As I said, it was short but I think these films will be something special.

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