Fantasia Film Festival 2024: Top Picks – Part 3

I’m back with another list featuring my Fantasia Film Festival top picks. This is part 3, so check here for parts 1 and 2 and make sure you’re not missing out on any great content. Let’s get to it. 

The great thing about Fantasia Film Festival is that many movies playing have been featured on Moviehooker lists throughout the year. It is such a good buzz to get more information and possible screeners for review. 


I knew the plot of this one sounded familiar. Jour De Chasse is also known as Hunting Daze and is about a female sex worker who offers her services to the participants stag do in rural Quebec. After a fight with her sex worker friends, she asks one of the men if she can wait with them until she can arrange a lift. She is allowed to join the men’s wolfpack of masculinity but first must pass some tests. 

Hunting Daze goes in a completely different direction than what we would expect with this setting and deals with the consequences and actions of the group after a fatal accident. 


This new South Korean anthology focuses on the theme of murderers for hire (yay). Four different films, four different genres and four different directors (Kim Jong-kwan, Roh Deaok, Chang Hang-jun, Lee Myung-Se).

I’ll say this with complete confidence about the subgenre, if the theme is murderers for hire and we’ve South Korean filmmakers bringing us these flicks, expect nothing but pure greatness.


Fantasia Film Festival always bring the South Korean greats. And, as much as I keep up to date with Korean films I’m always left speechless finding these movies for the first time, already made and ready for my eyeballs! This gem is the new flick from Dog Eat Dog (2015) director Hwang Wook.

Mash Ville looks to be a multi-genre bloodbath about two murderous cultists who meet eight strangers in rural Korea sparking a hilarious bloody battle for survival. 


A blind woman tries to reconnect with her dead twin sister by communicating with a creepy wooden mannequin. 

The new horror from Irish writer/director Damien McCarthy. If you’re familiar with Cavaet then you will know just the level of creepiness McCarthy and his team can achieve 


Okay, if you have a title like The Old Mand With The Demon Sword then of course we’re going to have to find out more about it. A title so epic would automatically make you think this is a production straight out of Japan. But, we’re wrong, this inventive AF, low-budget beauty is from Estonia.

After a demonically-powered sword falls into the hands of the village drunk, he must quickly adapt into the warrior he is destined to be to fight off the impending demon threat. 

That is it for Moviehooker’s Part 3 of Fantasia Film Festival picks. Stay tuned for part 4 – coming soon.

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