Fantasia Film Festival 2024: Top Picks Part 2

As promised, we’re back with the next part of Moviehooker’s top picks for the Fantasia Film Festival. For part one – click here.

This Fantasia Film Festival list features a wonderful mix of genres and is guaranteed to have something for every sort of film lover. Check back tomorrow for part 3. If you’re new to this list then I am posting in alphabetical order and this article covers letters E-I. Let’s get to it!


Electrophilia tells the story of a woman who was struck by lightning which leaves her in a coma. Six weeks later, she wakes with her body now permanently scarred. Trying to come to terms with these new changes, she meets others who suffered the same vengeful act of God and now share a mysterious new gift.


Anything by Steven Kostanski will always get some love on Moviehooker and there’s no better place in the world to showcase his work than Fantasia International Film Festival.

Frankie Freako is a love letter to 80s horror films like Ghoulies and Puppetmaster and the fantastic 80s-inspired poster confirms this. It follows a boring square of a man who calls for the services of Frankie Freako who unleashes little interdimensional creatures. If you’re familiar with Kostanski’s FX skills then you’ll know to expect nothing but greatness and a wonderful throwback to classic horror.


Kendall recently reviewed The G and thought it was a superb film and you can check out her review right here. A thriller starring Dale Dickey (Them, Ozark) as a woman hellbent on getting revenge on a corrupt legal guardian who destroyed her life.


A new psychological horror film about a young journalist who returns to his hometown to find out who is responsible for the deaths in the now-abandoned psychiatric hospital. On his return home, he encounters a mysterious man who makes him face family issues, digging up, dark long-buried secrets to the surface.


From the team who brought us Hellbender. Hellhole is about a US fracking company stationed in the Serbian wilderness. After unearthing a frozen French soldier they unleashed a parasitic creature that was hibernating in its stomach waiting to escape, kill and find a new human host.


House of Sayuri is a new supernatural J Horror from one of the masters of Japanese horror about a family who move into their dream home only to find a murdered girl haunts it.

Directed by Noroi: The Curse (one of the best & freakiest found footage horrors in existence) director Koji Shiraishi. The premise sounds like it has been done to death, but with Koji involved, we know he will deliver on the J horror scares.


In Our Blood is a new found footage film about a woman who reconnects with her mother after a 10-years in the hopes of making a documentary movie. During the production, the mother vanishes without a trace raising the questions: has she relapsed due to drug addiction or is something more sinister at play?


Infinite Summer sounds like a great mind-bending sci-fi from Estonia. The film follows users of a strange meditation app that connects them to Tallinn Zoo (a zoo in Estonia) and changes their body chemistry to something between pollen and cosmic dust.

That’s it for part 2 of my top picks for Fantasia Film Festival 2024. Check back soon for part 3

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