FLORA REVIEW: An Outstanding Sci-Fi Experience On A Minimum Budget

 “Flora is the plant life occurring in a particular region or time, generally the naturally occurring or indigenous—native plant”

I am a big fan of sci-fi’s, you all know that. I have many favourites from throughout the years. These aren’t special FX extravaganzas like Star Wars; they’re the complete opposite. My favourite sci-fi’s, are ones that rely on storytelling, they often have a minimal cast with minimal FX. Some to mention would be TIMECRIMES, PRIMER, and more recently, MOON.

These films don’t need to distract you from mediocre scripts with the use of special FX and CGI. They are films that grab our attention, suck you into their world, and get you thinking. They can also be terrifying, and that is what we have with FLORA

It’s the summer of 1929, and a group of University botanists set off on a research expedition with their professor in an uncharted forest. Their aim is to conduct surveys and measure the Flora and pollen count.

Having Flora set in 1929 removes any possible contact with the outside world…so goodbye stereotypes

When they arrive at the camp site, they find the professor’s belongings, but he has mysteriously vanished.

Then the group realise that there is no sign of life around; No bugs, no fish, or any forest animals. It seems that there is something dangerously wrong their surroundings.

Members of the group start to contract a strange plague-like virus. With very little equipment to protect themselves, the group must figure out what is killing them before it infects and destroys them all.

The killer is everywhere, and nowhere at the same time.

Flora review

The science-fiction element in FLORA is that it’s an unknown virus that’s killing off the students. Having an invisible killer flips this genre upside down, there is actually a slasher element to it. We still have our cast getting picked off one-by-one, but we have no idea who or what is killing the characters.

Flora exceeded my expectations on every level. It’s promising to see a talented group of people get together to make something fresh and original.  Flora is an elegant example of the excellence that’s achievable with a minimal budget and team.

Yes, Flora is a low-budget feature but it could possibly be one of most ambitious films that I have ever encountered. If budgetary issues were not a problem then it’s scary to think of the production this team would produce.

FLORA will be playing next at Filmquest 2017 in September (its North American Premiere) and they won BEST Feature Film at Scifi London in May 2017.


I want to say a HUGE thanks to Vedran, who told me about FLORA and sent me on a quest to review it.


Gary Gamble



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